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2 Cobras and a Cup

By Benjamin Franz | December 13, 2022

Brett William Mauser’s 2 Cobras and a Cup is a glorious new addition to streaming independent television. It’s a YouTube series paying homage to the classic 1980s animated series G.I, Joe. This office sitcom concerns the coffee breaks of Mason (Aaron Chandler) and John (Mark Daratt) and is wholly centered around the canteen at Cobra Command.

I watched the first three episodes, and the show’s riotously funny. The small, intimate conversations between the two work colleagues explore both the villainy and incompetence presented by the command structure of Cobra. This set-up should enable 2 Cobras and a Cup to continue its run for a very long time.

“…work colleagues explore both the villainy and incompetence presented by the command structure of Cobra.”

In a way, I found this web series was a companion piece to The Guild. In that other show, we mostly meet unemployed persons who are solely devoted to their World of Warcraft party. But, the bumbling incompetence of the guild members is powerfully resonant with the feckless portrayal of members of Cobra’s high command.

One shining, demented example: in the first episode, The Hot Red Head, Cobra Commander opens a microphone channel to instruct all stationed Cobra commandos to capture the Hot Red Head member of G.I. Joe, who has escaped captivity. Sadly, for Cobra Commander, he fails to switch off the mic after the announcement. In a very delightful moment, he lets his second-in-command know what he really thinks of him. This exchange was a farcical delight. It also speaks to the fact most executives do not fully comprehend technology.

2 Cobras and a Cup is a great web series. It’s readily available for streaming on YouTube. Seek it out.

2 Cobras and a Cup (2022)

Directed and Written: Brett William Mauser

Starring: Mark Daratt, Aaron Chandler, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

2 Cobras and a Cup Image

"…riotously funny."

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