Don and Mark start off talking about Paul Le Mat but can’t help but ponder the box office experience of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” and what factors contributed to the final opening weekend tally. Of course, not wanting to make it all about one thing, the conversation turns to “A Serbian Film” and then very little is said, but many words are used…

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  1. Serbian Film going to turn into the cinematic equivalent of “Two Girls – One Cup”.

  2. Rashdan says:

    Just reading what happens in a Serbian Film on wikipedia makes me feel sick. Good thing my curiosity didn’t go as far as watching the movie after listening to the podcast. I would like to tell people don’t even read what happens in a Serbian Film but that will make people want to do it more. I probably shouldn’t even have written this comment.

  3. I disagree that A Serbian Film is stupid. It is not stupid in the way that Hitler was not stupid. I also disagree that it has no soul, it has a black, black evil soul.
    Is this film criticism? “Don’t watch it, it’s stupid?” This is FILM THREAT?
    I wish I could believe that you’re using a B’rer Rabbit reverse psychology briar patch strategy.
    I liked the written review, it’s what directed me to the movie, but would have been more interested in hearing some of the issues addressed in the review bounced off somebody else.
    This movie was a terrible experience for me as a viewer. I’m sure it wasn’t any picnic for the actors. It’s not going to rake it in at the box office, obviously and I don’t see it showing up on Netflix or Blockbuster any time soon. If money isn’t the motivation for this movie, was it made simply to shock and get attention? If so, why bother writing such a strong script, shooting it beautifully and getting a-list actors to act in it?
    Why not save yourself time, money and effort by just doing a quickie shallow film with all the same offensive scenes?
    The film spoke to me, and then beat the living s**t out of me. Even if I hated this film, I would still think that something more than pure shock is going on.
    I just think it deserves more than “Don’t watch it, it’s stupid”. I DO agree with the “don’t watch it” part for 99% of people, but for different reasons.

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