A Call to Action to Speak Out About Abuses of Power From Tickling Giants Image

Trump is criticizing comedians. Tickling Giants is urging people to find creative ways to speak out.

Tickling Giants is releasing a Call to Action, highlighting how Colin Kaeppernick, Michelle Wolf, Emma Gonzalez, Tarana Burke, Bassem Youssef and others are calling out abuses of power. The purpose of the video is to encourage people to find creative, non-violent ways to be heard when they see abuses of power.

If you’ve forgotten, or weren’t paying attention,Tickling Giants is Sara Taksler’s documentary about Bassem Yousef, The Jon Stewart of Egypt. His humor provoked an authoritarian regime and resulted in him fearing for his life and fleeing his homeland. He’s now landed on our shores and is still speaking jokes to power.

Our review of the film can be found here, and more about the film and the driving ideas behind it here.

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