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By Film Threat Staff | August 2, 2004

Created by Jen Whildin, Amy Lynn Best and Film Threat contributor Heidi Martinuzzi, the Pretty/Scary website is something that’s been long overdue – an online location set-up specifically for women who work in the horror industry.

We got sick of watching women get treated like meat on other sites and magazines in order to promote their projects. Now there is a place they can go to be taken seriously, while celebrating the fact that they are hot, funny, and covered in blood. Pretty/Scary is open to horror fans, authors, filmmakers, actresses, webmasters, any woman involved in horror in any way, and even men. It’s a site about celebrating the feminine while acknowledging the dreadful power women possess to frighten. We embrace the darkness, the fear and the female of women in horror… – says a message on the site.

Check out Pretty/Scary!

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