The Rental Drive-In Premiere Under the Stars Image

The Rental Drive-In Premiere Under the Stars

By Chris Gore | July 25, 2020

Let’s all go to the drive-in! Dave Franco’s directorial debut The Rental premiered at the Vineland Drive-In with a masked, socially-distanced audience. Yes, even the cars were spaced apart and all attendees were required to wear masks when outside of their vehicles. The drive-in may be the savior of the summer movies with many venues such as the Mission Tiki and The Paramount in southern California playing classic films along with new independents.

Before I delve into the event itself, it’s important to go over a few guidelines for those new to the drive-in that may enhance your experience.

1. Keep Your Headlights Off

When arriving late or leaving after the first movie (I can’t imagine anyone doing that), keep those headlights off or switch to your fog lights. I mean, having your headlights on at the drive-in is the same as being on your phone at the movie theater. It’s rude! So keep the lights off or on low.

2. Bring Your Own Beverage

Sure, I love an ice-cold soda as much as the next person. And that soda can always be enhanced with some alcohol and a rum and coke is always a favorite. I keep a cooler in my car and it’s filled with something for everyone. Nothing can quite replace movie theater popcorn, but I highly recommend bringing your own snacks or a pizza. Yes, I brought pizza.

3. Crank the Sound

You’ll get the sound over a low frequency radio station which should be played very loud. Or at least, that’s what I do. Be mindful of your car battery and turn on your ignition between films or during a break. There are always a few cars with dead batteries at the end of the show which is why I keep jumper cables in my trunk. Yes, I do that specifically because they come in handy at the drive-in.

4. And Don’t Forget… 

Remember, the drive-in is like tailgating before a concert or a sporting event, but y’know, with movies. So have fun but remember there are people there to actually watch the movie. And The Rental is not just a damn good movie, it’s a good drive-in movie. (There is a difference.)

The cast was in attendance for this screening of The Rental which, at this rate, might be the only star-studded premiere to take place in all of 2020.

Enjoy these photos of The Rental director Dave Franco and the cast including Alison Brie, Sheila Vand, Dan Stevens and Jeremy Allen White.

Dave may direct, but Alison drives.

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