Regal’s 4DX Horror Fest… Is Behind You! Image

If you are a fan of seeing films in 4DX films like we are at Film Threat, then you need to take advantage of Regal’s 4DX Horror Fest. Enjoy Annabelle Creation, The Nun, Jigsaw and It along with jarring movements, vibration, storm and wind effects, lightning and you’ll even get sprayed here and there. Jump scares are four times more intense in 4DX. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Movies are just $10 (normally 4DX films come at a premium price), so if you’ve never seen a 4DX film, do yourself a favor and head to a Regal to check out these horrifying films like you’ve never seen them before… in 4DX. Get more info at this linkScary! 

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