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NEW YORK, NY (August 16, 2017) — Jon Hamm’s “Walter Prime” virtual character in the upcoming acclaimed film MARJORIE PRIME has become a reality today.

Volumetric capture startup 8i announced that its Holo mobile augmented reality (AR) app has released a collection of Jon Hamm holograms to celebrate the theatrical release of FilmRise and Passage Pictures’ MARJORIE PRIME.   Hamm, who plays a hologram in the film, appears as his “Walter Prime” character in a stunning photorealistic holographic rendering now available for free download in the Holo app, in the App Store  for iPhone and on the Google Play  store for Android.

 8i previously unveiled a Jon Hamm hologram at the 2017 Sundance International Film Festival, making Hamm the first actor at the festival to be turned into a lifelike 3D hologram for virtual and augmented reality. Now, smartphone Android and iOS  users around the world can virtually meet “Walter Prime,” as if they were standing in the same room, with the ability to snap a selfie, or record a video with the character as he helps you “remember the moment.” The video and photos of “Walter Prime,” which can also be shared with friends on messaging and social apps, make him appear as if he was there in real life.

The 3D hologram of the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor is available for three months via the Holo app beginning Wednesday, August 16th at noon ET.

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