If you haven’t seen Ape Canyon, the funniest damn Sasquatch movie out there, then here’s your chance.
Beginning in October, filmmaker Jon Olsen will be taking Ape Canyon on a four to six month road trip across the United States and Canada. In a way, he’ll be like Santa Claus, spreading good cheer and dirty jokes everywhere he goes. Packed in the car with him will be a video projector, a screen, speakers, a DVD and videotape player, and plenty copies of Ape Canyon. Jon will be screening the film wherever he can – theater auditoriums, garages and warehouses, people’s backyards. So keep your eyes and ears open for a screening happening near you.
If anyone has a venue they would like to host an Ape Canyon screening at, go ahead and contact Jon at jon@normalpeoplelikeyou.com.
For more info, check out the Ape Canyon website.

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