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Indie Horror Filmmaker John Johnson Struck With Parkinson’s Disease

By Chris Gore | February 28, 2018

Indie Horror Filmmaker John Johnson of the PLAN 9 remake as well as over 180 films has decided to go public with his battle with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s and me. That’s right guys and ghouls. I am playing life on hard mode. I started showing symptoms in 2015, and have been in out of the doctors from 2016 on. I am on the wiggle monster meds and they have helped a little. But getting the proper dose is no easy feat. Especially with young onset. It is not a death sentence nor is it taking my life away. I am with the good. Been dealing with it for years now. It is definitely not the great time you read about in the brochure, and I am sure one day Michael J. Fox will save me right before I am struck by lightning containing 1.21 gigawatts. But until then, there is nothing I can’t do (even hold a camera steady) it’s just harder for me to do. And my special brand of the Parks is more about the stiffness rather than wiggly jiggly any who. Mariah and I are truly okay. It sucks. But it can be dealt with and I have been knocked down enough in my life to know how strong I am in getting back up. And I will always get back up. It’s just sometimes I may need to take a nap first. Especially when you get smacked by the gods. So this is my outing pawty. And now in the future when ya see me and things look a little off, just know I am trying to vibrate into another dimension…

John is still rolling right along with upcoming projects:

  • 7th Guest The Series (Based on the Cult Video Game Franchise)
  • Rifters (Sci-Fi, Action Film)
  • The Dark Net (Horror film for Amazon Prime)
  • XMAS (Horror Comedy Musical)

The Film Threat staff wish John well and salute him for going public with this news. You can keep up with him and his projects on Facebook:


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  1. Bradely says:

    PLAN 9 is a very intense and effective movie. I got to know about John last year on a Blog, since then I have watched a few movies of him. He is definitely among the most professional Indie film-makers. Planning to watch his “Skeleton Key” series. I wish he get well soon; can understand how threatening this disease is.

  2. Kenneth Tabor says:

    I have the pleasure of meeting in knowing this fine man. His films and series have brought me so much joy and I can’t wait for his upcoming projects. Blessed journey my friend.

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