How Companies Can Use Mini-Movie Marketing to Promote Their Brand Image

How Companies Can Use Mini-Movie Marketing to Promote Their Brand

By Film Threat Staff | April 17, 2024

Legacy marketing and advertising, such as billboards and print adverts, have worked for many years. However, modern companies must adjust to connect to online-savvy audiences. One of the ways to connect with customers emotionally and intellectually is through mini-movies. Many forward-thinking brands, from online retailers to bookmakers, already leverage mini-movies to supercharge their marketing outcomes. Here’s an overview of how companies can use short-film marketing to increase their brand standing in the eyes of customers:

What Is Mini-Movie Marketing

Also known as branded short films, mini-movies are created to convey the role, value and purpose of a company or brand. These documentary-style short movies offer a story that transcends the product or service the company is offering, allowing the audience to connect on other levels. In most cases, mini-movies take a humorous approach, leveraging real-life situations, topics and events to demonstrate what the brand stands for. However, the films also strategically promote the company’s offering without being too commercial. As such, mini-movies connect with people in a more empathetic and humane way, helping to forge trust between the brand and customers. Mini-movie marketing simply involves using these branded short films to advertise the company, its products, services, location, team and other aspects.

How Brands Use Mini-Movies for Marketing

Lots of companies use short movies with their own logos to make customers happy and show what they stand for while selling their stuff. Take Paddy Power, for example. They’re teamed up with Betfair as Fluffer Entertainment. This Irish gambling company often makes short films that joke about real-life sports stuff.  other big online casinos in the US are doing the same thing. They make fun stories about playing games online versus in real casinos. These movies also teach players about different aspects of gambling, like slots, bonuses, and staying safe while playing. And it’s not just gambling companies using short films. Lots of other businesses are doing it too. Here are three ways they do it:

1. Capitalize on Social Media Viral Moments

Mini-films are only a few minutes long, making them the ideal visual content for sharing on social media. The videos can easily be shared across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms where millions of people can see them. Short stories are trendy and have the potential to go viral. Companies can script stories that draw parallels from known movies, events, books and personalities. The goal is to connect with the viewer and social media offers millions of people you can potentially market to. Videos are also more engaging and memorable than images on websites, billboards and print media.

2. Shed Light On Lesser-Known Topics

Mini-movies can be used as a digital marketing strategy to raise awareness of topics not well-known to the audience. This includes issues that have not seen much public discussion. The short films can generate empathy while creating awareness and providing resources for further information. For instance, companies selling skincare or haircare products can create inspiring stories about skin and hair love. Such stories inspire customers to engage and be represented by the brand. Companies can also use short films to support local or new filmmakers looking to share their ideas and voices while leveraging the knowledge of video production agencies.

3. Entertain the Audience for Engagement

Movies and documentaries are ultimately created to entertain the audience. However, they can be too long to watch, or the information may be too much, making the film feel hurried. With mini-movies, you can capture the story’s hook and play the plot without losing the audience. Most successful branded short films only take a few minutes to create valuable entertainment while remaining aligned with the brand’s mission and marketing message. Companies can take advantage of relatable stories, mainstream dramas, politics, sports, festivities and other things to keep customers entertained throughout the year.

Valuable Benefits of Mini-Movie Marketing

Branded mini-movies are emotionally engaging, communicate company values and quality and welcome customers into a relatable community. People are drawn back to videos because of their emotional connection or relatability. This can be a clip that makes them think, laugh, cry, cringe, or combine all these emotions. Such videos are memorable and stimulate emotions, which usually play a role in the choices consumers make. FRMI studies indicate that consumers use personal feelings and experiences more often than brand attributes, features and facts. High-quality films with valuable content also hook savvy customers who can tell when companies are taking the shortcut in marketing efforts. Mini-movies can help create and strengthen the community around your brand. People can also like, comment and share the films, which helps to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and even result in additional income for the business.

Mini-Movie Checklist and Key Takeaways

Creating short films for marketing requires well-thought-out strategies. The ideas should be simple and the video must be brief. A good plan should include the film concept, number of characters, twists and dramas that can create a lasting impression and ethical or moral values that will be conveyed. The film must focus on the brand’s key message, convey the idea into an enjoyable story, and feature the right cast. Companies should also create a timeline for making short films and a distribution plan to reach the most people. More importantly, the movie must be entertaining and relatable to connect to the targeted audience.

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