Rarely does a low budget, indie horror film meet with as much impassioned love of Paul Soet’s feature debut “Grace.” After premiering at Sundance, the film made the festival rounds causing people to pass out along the way. Seriously, people were passing out. After a picture perfect festival run, “Grace” is seeing the big screen this weekend in New York and Los Angeles.

We recently received an email from the films director Paul Solet with details on the screenings. Check it out and try to catch one of the great horror films of recent years on the big screen this weekend! Take it away, Paul…


It’s been a long road, but we’ve finally done it. GRACE is coming to theaters this Friday, August 14th – BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. We have no money, no ad support, and no marketing (except our team pushing antique baby carriages around New York and LA with baby bottles full of blood). What we do have, is an award winning film that will not disappoint, and more passion than we know what to do with. Nevertheless, the only way for GRACE to open wider is to absolutely kill opening weekend, so this is when it really counts. If you are available to come down and support the film, PLEASE make the trip. Tell your friends about the movie, post on Facebook, Twitter about it, and forward this along to as many folks as you can. We really can make a difference, here, guys.

Star Jordan Ladd, Producer Adam Green, and myself, will all be at Sunset 5 this Friday the 14th, at both the 7:40pm and 9:55pm shows, to welcome you, present the film, and do Q&A’s. This is going to be a hell of a night, so come join us for the birth of GRACE!

Tickets are available online at the below links in New York and LA.


NY, Village East

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