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By Film Threat Staff | August 18, 2008

Regular readers of Film Threat know that we have an amazing writing staff on hand – they’re doing it for the love of movies and for that we love them right back. So now it’s time for you to get in on the love.

We’re looking for a few new writers who are passionate about movies to help us review films sent into the Film Threat office. More eyes are on us now than ever, so that means we’re also getting more film submissions from indie filmmakers than we’ve ever seen. We’re looking for quality writers who not only have a passion for independent film, but who also get the whole idea behind Film Threat. This is Film THREAT after all. Intelligent writers with a sharp edge are what we’re looking for. We need passionate individuals that will be dedicated to writing quality reviews for indie films sent to our office because they love doing it; just like the people we have writing for us now. And even though there is no payment involved, there’s still the reward of being one of the first to see outstanding films such as “The Wackness,” “The Clay Head” and “A Catalog of Anticipations.” You’ll also get the satisfaction of helping filmmakers into festivals and distribution deals by the reviews that you write. If accepted on board, you’ll be more than a simple “film critic,” you’ll be helping filmmakers’ projects see the light of day. Let me tell you – that’s a damn good feeling.

So let’s see what you’ve got. Send us a review sample via our New Writers Submission Form, and if we like what you’ve got, we’ll be in touch with you. We won’t respond to everyone, sorry, we get way too many submissions, but if you make the initial cut, you’ll hear from us soon.

Good luck!

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