Film Threat Baby Turns Ten Image

Film Threat Baby Turns Ten

By Chris Gore | July 11, 2017

Exactly 10 years ago, Film Threat writers Graham Rae and Ellen Marshall welcomed the “Film Threat Baby” into the world. To commemorate her first decade, Film Threat graciously offered to let Ellen do a brief interview with the little legend…

EM – “So, now that you’re ten years-old and you’ve got a LOT of movie watching under your belt, what are some of our all-time, favorite films?”

FTB – “The Lion King, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rango & Weng Weng”.

EM – “I know there are several Disney films that you’ve obsessed over, like Mulan, The Jungle book, Robin Hood, Peter Pan and The Lion King, are you excited about the fact that Disney’s now remaking a lot of the classic animated films into live-action versions?”

FTB – “NO, they will ruin them!”

EM – You obviously know that Film Threat (and its founder, Chris Gore) are partially responsible for your very existence… How do you feel about that?

FTB – “Don’t care. So, are you saying that HE’S my Dad? Chris does have cool, spiky, gray hair… Wow, I’ve got a lot to think about!”

The Film Threat Baby then… and now. 

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