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Does the world really need a full length animated 80’s VHS back-of-the-shelf-behind-the-pseudo-porn inspired cheesy action movie parody ? A profane romp full of karate, cyborgs, robotic nazi’s, and other assorted chaos? Well, hell yes, of course it does!  In fact, If all the people arguing in the world right now sat down together and watched this movie, plus one Foghorn Leghorn cartoon all issues would be resolved!

The film project in question is Fightinator and it’s not a done deal. There’s an IndieGogo to get it funded and you can make it happen.

The mad geniuses who made the comic book AmeriKarate want you to help them lay down some nunchuck slayage with Fightinator starring former professional boxer Buster Douglas (ROBUSTER DOUGLAS rocks!), Hal Rudnick, and April O’Neil!  They’d like all of your money, but they’ll settle for some of it!

“If we only raise some of our goal we may not be able to make a full-length feature, but we will make a Fightinator cartoon, whether as a short film, a pilot, or web series. No matter what, we will make Fightinator a reality!”

Fightinator – The Animated Movie
A hilarious, action-packed, animated movie that will parody 80’s Action Movies & destroy RoboNazis!


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