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Mondo Hollywoodland, a sprawling, surreal feature from director Janek Ambros and Chris Blim, and executive produced by Oscar® nominee James Cromwell will debut on August 3 on Amazon and other transactional VOD platforms, and premiered at the Arena CineLounge in Hollywood on July 30.The film was directed, produced and co-written by Janek Ambros and starring Chris Blim, Alex Loynaz, Alyssa Sabo, and Jessica Jade Andres.

Riffing on the title of the legendary X-rated 1967 documentary Mondo Hollywoodland by Robert Carl Cohen, described by Variety as a “flippy, trippy psychedelic guide to Hollywood,” the sci-fi-tinged Mondo Hollywoodland follows a mushroom dealer and a man from the 5th dimension as they look for all things groovy and the meaning of “mondo” in Los Angeles. Along the way, these two encounter the various factions of Hollywood as they all bumble through psychedelic-fueled introspection.

“…a mushroom dealer and a man from the 5th dimension as they look for all things groovy and the meaning of ‘mondo’”

Executive Producer James Cromwell says, “A few years ago I presented and executive produced Janek’s first film, Imminent Threat, a documentary about the War on Terror and how it impacts civil rights and civil liberties. When I was made aware of his new film, Mondo Hollywoodland, I was excited to come on board because of the energy and messages it instills through psychedelia, comedy, and the counterculture genre. It reminded me of some of the experimental films I saw in the ’60s made by artists like Warhol, Jodorowsky, Cassavetes, and Jonas Mekas. There aren’t many movies that take artistic chances like this anymore, and I’m hopeful it will reach an audience and a new generation of filmgoers.”

Mondo Hollywoodland is a combination psychedelic-comedic farce of modern Los Angeles with roots in the ‘60’s and 70’s. “This film is a real homage to Los Angeles and the film industry itself,” concludes Joshua K. Carpenter, Head of Global Acquisitions and Sales, Green Apple Entertainment. “Its fusion of psychedelic visuals and comedy gives the audience a unique lens to examine modern Los Angeles through.”

Images by Janek Ambros.

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