Enjoy Lala’s Love Lessons for Valentine’s Day Image

Enjoy Lala’s Love Lessons for Valentine’s Day

By Chris Gore | February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, perhaps for you February 14th is considered “Singles Awareness Day”? Regardless of how you celebrate this made up holiday, we know you enjoy short films, especially ones about love on Valentine’s Day. (Wait. Aren’t all holidays made up?) As part of Film Threat’s mission to support emerging filmmakers and present their movies to a wide audience, we’ve partnered with actress/director Betty Ouyang who has generously allowed us to present her short Lala’s Love Lessons on our YouTube channel.

With an amazing cameo by Troma founder and indie film legend Lloyd Kaufman, Lala’s Love Lessons is about as adorable as those sayings on those little heart-shaped candies that, well, they don’t actually make anymore. (Seriously, that company went out of business, go ahead and Google it.) In any case, we’re ecstatic that Lala’s Love Lessons has joined our growing library of movies we bring to you under our label, Film Threat Presents.

So how about a little love on V Day? Enjoy Betty Ouyang’s charming short film Lala’s Love Lessons.

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