Is it the blood of the drilling workers, the blood of a captured sea being in a trap, or perhaps the blood of something humongous? Did the attack in the ocean work? If so what repercussions will this have?

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  1. Drew Gutierrez says: has yet ANOTHER update….something dead on the beach…also in an interview with Director Matt Reeves he stated that a sequel is NOT out of the question and one idea being tossed around it the movie from the point of view of another camera, could be interesting i’ll wait till monday before i start pointing out things i noticed in the movie that has my mind racing….enjoy the movie you all i’m gonna check it out again tonight (this time with a bottle of pepto!)

  2. Drew Gutierrez says:

    Well i got back from the movie…i have to admit i was not let down. I will NOT post any spoilers on here…BUT…i will admit the hand held cam approach sent a lot of men (no women mind you BUT men rushing to the restroom to get reacquainted with their dinner) *that fun part happened to me AFTER the movie* lol I’ll definately be going to see it again though. All and all definately (IN my honest opinion) WELL worth the wait!

  3. Dave Lawler says:

    In this case, I think viral marketing wastes a lot of time on creating “event” movies out of nothing. Cloverfield cost 30 mil, and the subject matter is hardly worth the “event” (Blair Witch meets Godzilla). When there’s plenty of money to go around for traditional advertising, the viral marketing approach should be utilized for movies without studio financing or no-to-low budget movies.

  4. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    You miss the mark on that Dave. I think Viral Marketing has the ability to actively involve movie audiences in the universe these movies are selling us, and whether it’s a huge backstory and enemy in “Cloverfield,” to a fake store in “Wall-E,” I think this viral marketing can really give us some entertainment prior to the movie without giving away major plot moments.

    I’d rather have fake photos than on-set photos that give everything away. “Cloverfield” for better or for worse has been a real kick in the a*s for the ADD “Must have it NOW” generation.

  5. Drew Gutierrez says:

    If we had the ability back when ID4 first came out to go viral like cloverfield has, and the dark night has, i guarantee we would have, this viral stuff is a fun way to keep fans attention (because we as a people with things have developed extremely short attention spans and patience when it comes to movies like this) this is the studios way of making things fun……and wherein lies the keyword FUN! So just sit back relax and enjoy the ride we’re all on this message board because we’re hyped about the movie

  6. Dave Lawler says:

    Independence Day this is not; remember the good old days when you saw a teaser trailer (an actual tease) instead of volumes of this “viral” marketing, passive-aggressive, hard sell bullshit, got excited about it and then waited for the movie to come out?

  7. The 20 minutes of putrid party back story of Cloverfield are way worse than the first 45 minutes of Godzilla. Or any movie for that matter. But once it starts rolling, it’s intense.

  8. Drew Gutierrez says:

    well said felix! I agree with you these teasers like that are all in fun, anyone who has been keeping up with the movie knows basically NONE of this will be in the movie and it serves as a back story to let us know so that this way they can really basically JUMP right into the movie (unlike godzilla movies ya know where there is a 45 minute build up and by the time you see him you’re kinda………lalalalala.) EVEN if the movie BLOWS, i’ll still probably see it multiple times considering how well jj is as subtle things in his movies.

  9. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    Yeah well keep in mind that I haven’t seen it, and telling me that really only dampens the fun and in some way spoils the movie for me.

    I doubt the intent is for all of this to be included in the movie, it’s really just a back story for people keeping up with it, and may be included in the DVD.

    So I’d thank you to keep spoilers to absolute zero.

  10. Mike says:

    Sadly, all this extra marketing bullshit and videos have NOTHING to do with the film.

    But, according to the 2.5 full theaters who saw the promotional screening I was at, it doesn’t matter. People are going to love this movie, despite its many flaws and annoying characters.

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