By Film Threat Staff | August 8, 2003

Democrat Brian Flemming has announced that he has withdrawn from the California governor’s race. His decision was prompted by Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante’s entrance into the field.
“My thanks to everyone who volunteered for and supported my campaign,” said Flemming. “My platform, ‘If elected, I will resign,’ was intended to put Bustamante into the governor’s office. I am pleased that Bustamante now intends to do this himself. On Oct. 7 I plan to vote against the recall, and then cast my vote for the lieutenant governor, for whom I now plan to volunteer.
“With a cast of characters out of some absurdist drama, including Angelyne and even less credible candidates such as bodybuilder and inarticulate popcorn-movie actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bustamante is the only sane backup plan for any Californian, Democrat or otherwise.
“As the press oddly predicts that it will give Mr. Schwarzenegger reams of ‘free publicity,’ I hope that reporters, editors and producers remember that the fate of this great state hangs in the balance. Nobody deserves a free pass, and every candidate, whether lieutenant governor or kindergarten cop or professional wrestler, needs to be held to the highest standards.”

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