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By Film Threat Staff | August 27, 2002

Everyone wants a piece of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, including Beetlejuice, Howard Stern’s favorite retarded dwarf. So to help him out, an online petition has been started to help Beetlejuice get immortalized on Hollywood Blvd.
Now, you and I know this is a joke and I hope that the people behind this petition think it’s a joke too because not only would the powers that be never let their precious Walk of Fame be tarnished no matter how many votes you got, but there’s a matter of something like $5,000 to be put down in order to obtain that star.
So, jokes is jokes, and it’s a funny joke at that, but I say we should concentrate our efforts on getting someone a star that truly deserves it…like Mr. T!
If you must, vote for Beetlejuice here.

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