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By Mark Bell | June 6, 2007

It’s official, I’m in Vegas. Had a particularly rocky flight (at times I thought the engines were off and we just gliding toward Sin City), but I got here in one piece so can’t complain. Lacy Chabert was on my flight (Southwest), but I don’t think she’s here for the festival (don’t remember seeing her name associated with any of the films). Then again, who knows? It’s Vegas, there’s a World Series of Poker Championship going on at the Rio, Morrisey’ll be performing on Saturday, the Police will be doing a concert… anyone could be here for anything. I’m here to rock CineVegas… and maybe sneak into the Bloc Party show at the Palms next week…

While getting lunch while waiting for my room to open (still waiting, actually, thank God for tethered USB modem-enabled cell phones so I can get online ANYWHERE I get a cell signal), I saw a small interview with CineVegas’ own Trevor Groth and I got all happy. Why? No idea. Trevor’s just a good guy, one of those festival folks, like the mighty mighty Matt Dentler and our own Chris Gore, that you can’t help but like when you meet them, and I guess I was just happy to see a friendly face so soon upon my Vegas journey… even if said face was on a TV.

Really looking forward to enjoying Ocean’s Thirteen in Vegas tonight, because, you know, it’d be like seeing Jaws on the boat that tried to catch the shark. This is the proper element to appreciate the film on another level. And since I already think the film is tops, I’m going to be pretty impressed if that appreciation elevates.

No doubt you’ll get more from me later, and Don’ll chime in too (his flight was delayed, but he should be arriving in about 30 minutes and, hopefully, our rooms will finally be ready). My own fault on the rooms, they offered me two rooms immediately but said if I waited I’d get two rooms near the top of the tower with a view of the Strip so… I said I’d wait.

Go big or go home! If you’re going to do Vegas, do it up RIGHT!

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  1. Michael Ferraro says:

    Camry, RIP.

  2. Mark Bell says:

    The Camry broke down shortly after Comic Con 2006, and was eventually towed away. Since August ’06, I’ve been rocking car-less, which with the LA mass transit system, has not been an easy affair…

  3. Michael Ferraro says:

    Damn Mark, you didn’t bring the Camry with you this year? Is that thing finally retired?

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