Unfix star Zane Haney: Navigating the Depths of Indie Cinema Image

Unfix star Zane Haney: Navigating the Depths of Indie Cinema

By Film Threat Staff | February 9, 2024

Film Threat interviews Zane Haney, the star of Unfix, a movie directed by Graham Streeter, discussing the film’s storyline, character development, and the actor’s personal journey and insights into the filmmaking process. Unfix is highlighted at the San Francisco Indie Fest.

Storyline and Character: The film narrates the complex tale of a man who, at the age of 35, realizes his life has been a lie due to identity shifts caused by conversion therapy experienced in his youth [0:35:1:00]. Zane Haney, portraying the lead character, delves into the depth of conversion therapy’s impact, which was initially unknown to him until he read the script [1:22:1:50].

Preparation and Role Acquisition: Haney got the role through his manager and underwent a significant research process to understand the psychological impacts of conversion therapy, despite the lack of initial awareness of the film’s details due to the director’s discretion [1:11:3:07].

Filmmaking Process: The interview sheds light on Graham Streeter’s unique approach to filmmaking, emphasizing his indie spirit and hands-on involvement in the creation of his films. Streeter’s method of storytelling is commended for its indirect approach to sensitive subjects, allowing for a deeper, more nuanced exploration of themes such as conversion therapy [$03:40:$04:52].

Actor’s Experience and Growth: Haney reflects on the personal growth experienced through the role, emphasizing the transformative power of deeply understanding a character’s journey. He highlights the rarity of such a complex, non-union role in the indie film industry and expresses gratitude for the opportunity [9:05:11:03].

Advice for Aspiring Actors: Concluding with advice for those looking to enter the acting profession, Haney stresses the importance of passion, persistence, and the willingness to explore and understand diverse human experiences. He candidly shares his own challenges and successes, encouraging aspiring actors to approach auditions with authenticity and creativity [11:40:14:56].

Unfix continues its journey through the film festival circuit, with upcoming screenings at various venues, including the SF Indie Fest. The film and Haney’s performance have garnered positive receptions, highlighting the importance of indie films in exploring and discussing critical social issues [15:02:15:55].

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