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By Chris Gore | July 7, 2001

They’re having sex in your neighborhood. Yes, swingers are the subject of a new documentary called “The Lifestyle”. Swingers number about three million in the United States and it’s no surprise that they’re having their wife-swapping parties in the family value-laden streets of suburbia. Thankfully, behind closed doors.
Director David Schisgall spent three years closely documenting the lives of members of swing clubs across the country. In fact, while the director was invited to “party” with the swingers, he followed a strict rule — no sex with the subjects. However, in order to fit in, he shot most of this film in the nude. How’s that for dedication!
I found “The Lifestyle” hilarious at times and at other times it contained gross-out scenes that rivaled a Farrely Brothers movie. No, I don’t really need to see grandpa get his rocks off! Eeyyaaahhh! At one point one of the seniors is having sex with a woman who has to be at least 60 years old in a swing device. He dismounts her and just as he takes off his condom his helpful wife cleans him off. Thoroughly. Yeah, just try not to gag. Some might find the sex scenes find thrilling, but I found them to be “shriveling.” While I believe this is solid documentary filmmaking, it’s not an exaggeration when I tell you that this is the LEAST erotic film of the year. So watch “The Lifestyle” for the laughs, but don’t expect to get aroused.

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