“Do Not Disturb” – A Twisted Tale of Love and Horror Image

“Do Not Disturb” – A Twisted Tale of Love and Horror

By Film Threat Staff | December 14, 2023

In the world of indie cinema, Do Not Disturb stands out as a film that daringly blends elements of horror, dark comedy, and psychological drama. Directed by John Ainslie, the film explores the boundaries of a young couple’s relationship in a unique and unsettling way.

The story unfolds with a couple visiting a resort, where they experiment with their relationship, venturing into uncharted territories both emotionally and sexually. The film takes a dark and unexpected turn when the couple inadvertently consumes a drug, leading to a series of shocking and tension-filled events.

Ainslie’s approach to the film is intriguing, as he mixes psychedelics, synthetic narcotics, and the underlying turmoil of the couple’s relationship to explore deeper themes. He uses cannibalism as a metaphor for how people can emotionally consume each other in a toxic relationship. This metaphor serves as the spine of the story, giving the film its haunting edge.

“…mixes psychedelics, synthetic narcotics, and the underlying turmoil of the couple’s relationship…”

The production of Do Not Disturb faced challenges, particularly due to COVID-19. Originally planned to be shot at a resort, the team had to adapt and eventually filmed in a small town in Northern Canada, converting a hotel room into the main set. Ainslie and his team demonstrated the indie spirit of filmmaking by creatively utilizing resources and locations.

John Ainslie discussed the contrasting film environments in the U.S. and Canada. He described Miami’s indie-friendly, collaborative film scene, contrasting it with Toronto’s more industrial, Hollywood-dominated landscape. Anley highlighted Miami’s creative camaraderie versus Toronto’s professional yet impersonal atmosphere, emphasizing the unique opportunities and challenges in each location.

Ainslie also took on the task of scoring the film, a decision born out of necessity but resulting in a unique and impactful soundtrack. The score, influenced by early synth music, adds to the film’s eerie and retro vibe, reminiscent of 1970s horror.

Do Not Disturb is a testament to the power of indie filmmaking. It showcases how creative vision, coupled with resourcefulness and passion, can produce a film that is both thought-provoking and deeply disturbing. For fans of the genre, Do Not Disturb offers a fresh and compelling take on the complexities of human relationships and the darkness that can lurk within them.

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