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By Chris Gore | August 22, 2004

Her directing career took off with a series of successful shorts featuring Paget Brewster as an a*s-kicking secret agent. But her inspiration to pursue the career of director came from a science fiction classic. “Blade Runner,” says Augusta. “It was the first movie I became aware of all the elements of production: the costumes, the fx, the art direction all reinforced the story Ridley Scott was trying to tell.”

Before creating a series of shorts called Agent 15, Augusta paid her dues. “What didn’t I do?” she says. “I worked in a ceramics shop, Spencer Gifts, catering, toys and novelties, TLA Video in Philadelphia. When I moved to LA, I tried just about every film position I could, Asst. Director, Boom Operator, Script Supervisor, Art Dept., Wardrobe. I decided to stick with Wardrobe, and I’ve been a Set Costumer for the last 8 years.”

The sultry writer/director met her DP and “spousal equivalent” Don Spiro in high school. Augusta and Don graduated from Temple University’s film program in 1991. Her first feature, “Sham,” was screened at Philafilm Philadelphia International Film Festival, 2000.

In addition to writing screenplays, Augusta is currently producing and directing a documentary about the Velvet Hammer burlesque troupe, as well as seeking financing for future episodes of Agent 15. Augusta reveals more than her filmmaking secrets in this exclusive bedside chat…

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