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It’s a big burden to carry.
People come up to me in person crying, thanking me. I was just trying to make a romantic comedy.

Regarding the story itself, there was no eureka moment for me. I just knew I had to make this movie about my life experiences. After graduating from film school, I knew I had a story to tell, and I knew I was going to die if I didn’t tell it.

In the beginning, page after page was crap. After three or four months, I got so depressed, I checked myself into the hospital and subjected myself to voluntary ECT treatments. ECT erases your short term memory.

After I got out of the hospital, a hint of the basic premise came to me. In the film, Ben goes to a hearing at school due to a misunderstanding related to his condition. While this event is fictional, it was loosely based on my experiences at various schools, which were traumatic for me. I wanted to take my life experiences of the last ten years and compress them into a 90-minute movie.

The film became more about Ben’s need to prove his innocence. He wanted validation for the discrimination he experienced and proved people wrong. At the same time, the film was a way to be self-sufficient, and the first time, I was working on a professional level.

“After three or four months, I got so depressed, I checked myself into the hospital…”

How did Eric Roberts and Rosie Perez come to the project?
Originally, Rosie’s role as Dr. Hollaway was a much smaller part. Because of the circumstances, and I looked at the role and the script, and I said, “But this does not look like a role for a star to play. I thought there’s no way.” Then I went and spent three months rewriting the script to give the psychiatrist a bigger, better role. It actually made the movie a lot stronger.

We made like a list of five women who would be amazing. Rosie Perez was at the top of the list. Basically, she loved the script and thought it was very authentic. She wanted to talk to me on the phone and wanted to see my latest work (a short film). I had this 15-minute phone call with her. I was really, really nervous.

She talked about her experiences with PTSD, and depression, and thought that the script felt very authentic. She liked that it was funny, even though her manager said it’s not a comedy. She asked me, “It’s a comedy, right?” I’m like, “Yeah.”

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  1. Mary Ann Farley says:

    would love to see this so interesting

  2. Bonnie Coyle says:

    This sounds like an amazing movie. As someone who sufferes CPTSD and DID along with deoression and anxiety I try to help others overcome their own mental blocks about my condotions. Too many judge what they can not comprehend or understand.

  3. Darlene Rese says:

    I think this would be very remarkable to see and very impressive to see how the story unwinds. I have been diagnosed earlier in life as schitzophrenic disorder and then later with bipolar disorder. This has hindered me also in my job twice and since I am retired now and married 15 years to my soulmate, I am quite adjusted mentally and doing well in that area. The main thing I suffer from is physical, COPD. I would very much like to see this movie when it comes out.

  4. Catherine Simonetti says:

    I am so proud of you!! You kept on trucking and got the job done!!! I am also bipolar so I can truly relate. Bipolar sucks! I can’t say enough about you I am astonished !!! I want to write a book and you inspire me!! Most people couldn’t have made it thru my life, but I never gave up just as you didn’t! Can’t wait to see the distribution ! I am excited ! Again thank you! Catherine Simonetti

  5. Roseann Voigt says:

    Aaron Fisher, you wanted to make a love story but look at all these comments, this movie is gonna help people way more, you are a brave man and I thank you, also any screenings in Chicago coming? ✌️Ty

  6. Roseann Voigt says:

    Aaron fisher, maybe I didn’t want to make this movie and wanted to make a love story, but look at all these comments from people who actually needed someone like you to do it, we are all blessed and happy you did it ! 👏👏👏 btw will there be a screening in Chicago anytime? I sure hope so,👍you are a brave man✌️

  7. Joe Nolan says:

    Can’t wait until March to see it!

  8. Rae says:

    Keep Me Updated Thank You

  9. K says:

    How can I contact the writer of this article?

  10. Harold A Maio says:

    —-We also talked about the stigma associated with bipolar disorder and how easy it is to write-off people with mental health issues.

    May you please change the conversation to talking about the people trained to voice that prejudice. They have done enough harm. Idly repeating them has done enough harm.

  11. Nancy Maddox says:

    I looking forward to seeing your movie Mr Fischer ,Aaron if I may.
    “Inside the Rain ” is a cool title. I live in Northern California so it is not a freezing title .i’m interested in where are you film the film I was just looking on it on the fb feed, I am assuming New York ?
    Nancy Maddox

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