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What Casino Movies We Would Like To Have A Sequel

By Film Threat Staff | November 7, 2022

Gambling is a prevalent theme in movies and cinema in general. This is probably because people like stories set in elegant casino establishments. Additionally, they find the tension and heat unique to such movies more appealing.

Therefore, if you want to know a thing or two about an online casino, these movies would be an excellent way to learn. On the other hand, you can read online casino reviews to discover more about online casinos. Do you have a casino movie you wish had a sequel? Here are some excellent casino movies we would like to have a sequel to.

The Gambler

The Gambler is the story of a gambling addict and the challenges he faces. Mark Wahlberg plays Jim Bennett, who becomes a dedicated player thanks to his self-destructive urges. He takes a massive loan which brings him a lot of challenges.

The film is about the main character trying to get out of debt. You will find many fascinating scenarios in this film as a gambling enthusiast. The directors take a keen interest in several casino features making it even more impressive to watch.

Molly’s Game

This is an excellent casino movie that focuses on Molly Bloom’s biography. She was a professional skier that had finished her athletic career because of a severe injury. Moreover, she stumbled upon poker as she searched for a new occupation.

Molly opens her poker club, where the fun kicks off! Many people visit the casino, including criminals and professional poker players. Eventually, she runs into significant problems with mafia bosses. Molly’s Game is inspired by a true story which makes it more fascinating.

Mississippi Grind

This is an excellent film because it covers gambling comprehensively. The film has a wide range of gambling attractions that remind the audience of notable casinos like Las Vegas. Moreover, the events in the casino happen in Mississippi.  

Players in the movie visit different establishments and try their luck playing other games. The film features slot machines, blackjack, and poker. It narrates the story of Curtis Vaughn and Gerry, avid gamblers aspiring to visit Peru.

Curtis faces challenges due to casino losses, but things change when he meets Curtis. They face many challenges and wager in Mississippi casinos to raise cash. The movie has a happy ending but leaves the audience yearning for more.


This film narrates the story of a team of students using their math skills to win blackjack games to raise funds. Most events in the movie happen in Las Vegas. You’ll see a talented card counter in action and pay attention to several aspects of the game.

The film’s plot has love, greed, and crime twists. It has a happy ending, with good triumphing over evil. Blackjack enthusiasts would have loved more of this movie to learn more about their favorite game.

Uncut Gems

This is arguably the best film depicting gambling addiction. Martin Scorsese uses this film to narrate Howard Ratner’s story. Adam Sandler plays the part, and it is perhaps one of his best performances.

The film’s plot is about someone who encounters severe problems thanks to gambling debts. Moreover, it has many fascinating personalities and unusual plot twists. Some scenes illustrate the uniqueness of playing in great detail.

The movie has many exciting moments. Additionally, the overall message is that gambling can be dangerous. Its fans would have enjoyed a sequel to Uncut Gems.

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