Top Movies That Have Helped Transform the Gaming Industry Image

Top Movies That Have Helped Transform the Gaming Industry

By Chris Gore | July 1, 2018

Have you ever wondered what type of people create films and movies? If you have, then we have an answer for you, they are geniuses. This is not because they are able to create films and movies which cut across different boundaries but they are also able to create films and movies that are able to influence change in other industries. Below are the top movies that played their bit in transforming the gaming industry.

Terminator 2

Games are all about visuals; if the visuals are great then the odds are, gamers are likely going to fall in love with the game regardless of how great or poor the plot is. At the same time, if visuals are poor, then the odds are, gamers are likely to shun the game even if it comes with an incredible storyline. This, therefore, means that graphics are key to the success of a game. For games that were developed after 1991, most of them pass with flying colors when it comes to graphics thanks largely to the influence of Terminator 2. Terminator 2 was the first movie in the film industry to come with top-notch computer-generated imagery and visual effects in the form of the highly advanced T-1000 which was hunting down Sarah Connor and her child. Thanks to Terminator 2’s highly advanced computer-generated imagery, game developers were able to copy and use the same in their subsequent creations. Paying homage to the massive influence of Terminator 2 in the gaming industry, game developers also came up with a Terminator 2 branded online slots game.

Man of Steel

The new ‘in-thing’ when it comes to games today especially slot games is the inclusion of numerous bonus rounds. In the past, retro slots did not come with a high number of bonus rounds (others had none). However, all that changed when Playtech, one of the world’s most renowned game developers decided to create a branded Man of Steel slot game. Realizing that there were just too many subplots in the movie to overlook in creating the game, Playtech decided to incorporate these subplots in the form of bonus rounds such as Krypton Free games, World Engine Bonus, Battle for Earth free games and Shifting Wilds Bonus. What Playtech didn’t realize in coming up with these numerous bonus rounds is that it was setting a precedent which would soon become the default in the gaming industry.

Planet of the Apes (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

One thing that’s slowly making its way into the gaming industry is the incorporation of two-reel sets in a single game. The pioneer of this new feature is Net Entertainment in its Planet of the Apes game. The game comes with two 5×3 reel sets. These two reels sets are synchronized meaning that when the player hits the Spin button, they all spin at the same time. In the game, one reel set includes characters prominent in the Planet of the Apes movie only while the other reel set includes characters in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie only.

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