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Top 3 Roulette Scenes in Film History

By Chris Gore | March 22, 2019

For many, it’s a game of luck, for others it’s a science. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world; here are cinema’s top three roulette moments.

Poker has a long and storied history in the world of cinema. The five-card flop of Texas Hold ‘Em has been the star of many a Bond moment and daring casino heist over the years. For those who prefer their casino games a little different, there’s roulette. For some, it’s a game of luck; for others, it’s a science. The spinning wheel giveth and the spinning wheel taketh away. Here are three of the most iconic roulette moments from throughout film history.

1. Diamonds are Forever (1971): The Whyte House

Nothing says casino like Mr James Bond himself. Though a rare table game for Britain’s most popular spy, roulette does appear in several Bond adventures, namely the 1971 film Diamonds are Forever. Set in the Whyte House philanthropist mansion, Sean Connery’s entry scene into the table arena stands out amongst all others as a highlight of debonair charm and charisma. Between craps, roulette, romance and fake diamonds, the plot of the film unfolds.

One has to wonder what Mr. Bond would make of the online casinos and sites around today; his own 007 strategy is certainly still in use by many players. has a breakdown of the technique: the James Bond roulette strategy involves flat betting on the same numbers each and every round in an effort to overcome the odds. The article also points out after its explanation that, while interesting, this strategy is far from flawless. It seems that even the great James Bond cannot beat the house edge of roulette.

2. Run Lola Run (1998): The Casino

If you’re yet to sit down and watch Run Lola Run in its entirety, do it now.

One of German cinema’s highlights, Run Lola Run is both a thriller, a romance and a philosophical examination of life and its many probabilities. Perhaps the most famous scene from the film is that which takes place in the protagonist’s local casino. Lola needs to find and deliver one hundred thousand Deutsche Mark to her boyfriend within twenty minutes to save his life – in one eventuality (the film covers several), Lola bets to try and win the money.

She spends her last cash on a single one hundred mark chip at the casino office and heads straight for roulette. She bets on the number twenty-two, crosses her fingers, and she wins. A story of blind love, luck, realism and chance, Run Lola Run is a must see.

3. Casablanca (1942): Rick’s Bar

Few classical cinema names and faces have stood the test of time. Only a few can make that claim; Monroe, Hepburn and perhaps Mr. Humphrey Bogart. Here’s looking at you kid.

Our third and final roulette scene takes place in a dusty corner of wartime Casablanca. Rick Blaine (Mr. Bogart), an American abroad, runs a popular drinking and music club in the city, and his croupier has a valuable prize on offer for any daring enough to try: free travel papers to escape Casablanca, and its German occupation. Such papers eventually become the focus of the film, but they appear first at the roulette table.

Bets and wagers are a part of any society – and society is what cinema is all about. Check out more feature articles here at Film Threat, and a list of our favorite Netflix gambling movies here.

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