In last week’s entry in PETE JONES’ “DOUBTING RILEY” DIARY, the freckle-faced filmmaker found himself without a lead actor. So he cast himself. With determination and a drive to act, Pete forged ahead to make his movie against the odds. But something else has been on Pete’s mind — two new guys on the block named Efram Potelle and Kyle Rankin…

Before I write about the first week of shooting, a lot of people have been asking me about the latest Project Greenlight series and movie. I haven’t seen the movie, and I only saw the first four episodes of the show, so I’m not an expert.

Considering politically correctness got me nowhere for the last two years, I’ll be honest. I was scared shitless that the new guys (and gal) would come in and prove to the world that I am the worst. Logically, I understand that Project Greenlight 1 and Project Greenlight 2 are not in competition with each other. But emotions and insecurities are illogical. And even a dumbass knew that the media would compare the two. So I sort of entered the new Project Greenlight hoping that they would fall on their faces. I know Mom, wishing for others to fail is not the Christian way, but the truth is the truth. Making things more complicated, I love Balis, Moore, Affleck and Damon. So I sat down to watch the new show and right away I felt empathy for Kyle and Efram. I walked in their shoes. I found myself talking to the TV. Defending them. Knowing that for the sake of good ratings, their mistakes have been blown out of proportion and that their successes have been subverted. Strangely, though I understood Erica’s plight, I related more with Kyle and Efram. And I started to feel as though they had been set up.

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