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Movies That Will Awaken Your Inner Traveler

By Film Threat Staff | April 28, 2021

Movies have the power to take us on a journey while we sit quietly on the sofa or in the cinema. But some of them are very special: They make us want to actually walk through the screen and visit the place we are told about. Perhaps you have also wanted to discover the world like “Indiana Jones”? Or get out of everyday life and experience your own “Into the Wild”? We have put together films for you that invite you to travel. Warning: wanderlust alarm! In case you need to gain some money before planning your future trips, how about placing some bets on NetBet sport?  

Into the Wild

This poignant film takes the viewer on an inner journey and follows in the footsteps of its main character Christopher MacCandless, also known as Supertramp. The (true) story of the film is overwhelming, and with the breathtaking landscapes, she finds a wonderful setting to play in front of. In 148 intense minutes, the film crosses no less than 40 locations, eight American states, and four seasons. Even less picturesque regions like the Anza Borrego desert encourage lingering. Do like Christopher: start your journey in California and embark on your very own personal journey to Alaska. “Into the Wild” film invites you to set off with a simple bag and a few francs.

Dances with Wolves

This film was shot in 1990 by the main actor and director Kevin Costner and is known among film lovers for its great claim to authenticity. Real Indians play along, speaking their mother tongue, and there are impressive outdoor shots with real animals, such as the buffalo. Because of this, the film is well known among fans of the great American plains. It is hardly possible to watch this three-hour film in which the hero John Dunbar rides his horse through the incredible landscapes of South Dakota without being gripped by an irresistible desire to ride next to him. The recordings create a fascinating effect – even without the magic of today’s computer-animated images! But of course – also thanks to Kevin Costner …

The Bucket List

Work is all well and good, but the time comes when you should realize your dreams – otherwise one day you will have to say goodbye to them. This is the starting point for this explosive and emotionally charged film with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It is about traveling and discovering mythical places you’ve heard of all your life without ever seeing them. This awakens the wanderlust that slumbers in some of them. The film takes you to distant places: From Hong Kong to Tibet, India, Tanzania to the French Riviera, everything can be seen! The film shows that traveling is about reaching out to others and finding yourself. The nice thing is: you never know what to expect. And you? What is next on your list?

Lord of the Rings

Attention, here comes great cinema! Fans can get enough of the wonderful landscape images for three hours, but travelers like us get pretty jealous when we can only look at these wonderful surroundings on the screen. We want to pack our bags and leave! A large part of the film is set in New Zealand: Hobbiton, Mount Ngauruhoe, Mount Victoria, or Lake Mavora are some of the well-known locations that became real tourist hotspots after the success of the trilogy. With its lush green hills, pebble beaches, and sheer cliffs, New Zealand is a land of contrasts that are remarkably highlighted in the film. A country full of surprises awaits you here.


Freedom! Probably the most harrowing battle cry in cinema history still echoes in the minds of lovers of Scotland. This 1994 film shows the Scottish landscapes in all their wild beauty. The way they were then – and how they are today. The mountainous landscape of the Highlands at Glen Nevis near Fort William is a perfect example of this. But be careful, dear Scotland fans: Some of the filmings also took place in Ireland, above all in Trim Castle in County Meath. The scenes that were to take place in York were filmed here. It is hard to resist the pull of these timeless landscapes that are so typical of the UK. Imagine you are standing alone in the moorland. The wind whips from the sea, carrying a word that gets louder and louder: freedom!

Seven Years in Tibet

This film is certainly not the most commercially successful on our list. But when it comes to arousing the desire to travel among friends of Buddhism, “Seven Years in Tibet” definitely deserves its place. Admittedly, the film was shot mainly in the Andes and Canada. So you have to go to South America and especially to Argentina to quench your thirst for the vastness of the high mountains. Of course, Tibet also occurs. The director discreetly sent a team there to shoot certain scenes without attracting the attention of the Chinese who were reluctant to watch the film. Whatever the case, if your heart beats to the rhythm of the mountain, the wind, and the silence (or in the same rhythm as that of Brad Pitt), “Seven Years in Tibet” will take you on a wonderful journey.

The Consolations of the Forest: Alone in a Cabin on the Siberian Taiga

The hermit’s luxury is beauty. Wherever his gaze falls, he discovers supreme glory. These are the words of Sylvain Tesson, the author of the autobiographical book “In the Forests of Siberia”, which served as the basis of the film. A work that is considered a cult film for many, as it conveys a message that brings us back to our original state. The magnificent landscapes of Siberia stand in the background of the haunting message that it conveys to the viewer. The film was shot on the shores of Lake Baikal, in an isolated location nicknamed «the land of brown bears». White and blue, snow and water as far as the eye can see – and of course endless forests. This is where Sylain Tesson’s words unfold their true meaning. An irresistible call to travel in search of beauty!

Lawrence of Arabia

This 1960s cinematic masterpiece pays homage to the desert. Its strength, size, beauty, and its uncompromisingness are staged in such a wonderful way that the locations become full-fledged actors in the story. The film that led to the rise of the late Hollywood star Peter O’Toole contains many scenes shot in Spain in the Almeria desert. Some of the scenes that take place in Cairo were shot against the Moorish backdrop of beautiful Seville. Jordan is also in the spotlight, especially Wadi Rum and the black basalt landscapes. After seeing this masterpiece (again) how could one resist the call of the desert?

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