Movie-Based Online Slots Are a Big Trend in the Gaming Industry Image

Movie-Based Online Slots Are a Big Trend in the Gaming Industry

By Chris Gore | June 1, 2019

Recent years have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of people joining the online gaming community. From casual gamers that love the classics like Candy Crush or Tetris, to hardcore enthusiasts spending hours every day playing Assassin’s Creed or Overwatch, gaming has evolved to a multi-million industry that appeals to players from all walks of life.

Online casinos are a big part of that industry, as casino games like poker and roulette steadily hold a place among the most popular online games. In an effort to spice things up, the online casino world also often turns to the movie industry for inspiration, producing online slot games that draw their theme from well-known and beloved films.

Mobile gaming and online slots on the rise

Slot games have always been a favorite among online casino players. For one thing, they are usually more straightforward and easier to play than strategy-oriented games like poker, and they offer quick rounds of fast-paced action. This makes them perfect for casual players who like to play for a bit without committing for too long – and it also makes them great for mobile gaming.

The mobile gaming industry is on the rise globally and it is expected that by 2020 there will be 213 million mobile phone gamers across the US. This marks a stark rise from 80.7 million gamers in 2011, which rose to 180.4 million in 2016 and hit an estimated 202.8 million mobile gamers in 2018.

Source: Pexels

In search of engaging themes

A perfect match for mobile gaming, online slot games also regularly draw in players with the various offers and bonuses they provide, especially to newcomers. A standard practice among online providers is to offer free spins – and there are two types of free spins, those that require and don’t require you to deposit money, with many first-time players preferring the latter. This is a great way for gamers to test the waters and for casinos to showcase their selection. But what truly sets this selection apart from competitors, is the gaming library they feature – and this is where the film industry also plays its part.

Online slot games are known for their engaging content, as they routinely use themes that are familiar to users. These tend to be either broader concepts like Ancient Egypt or the jungle, or important pieces of our shared cultural heritage that makes up pop culture.

Popular movie-based slot games

As expected, superhero movies and Hollywood blockbusters are among the top contenders for inspiring online slot games. Superman and Batman are among the heroes that are showcased often, with slots like Man of Steel and Superman II being firm favorites, while the success of the celebrated Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy has led to the creation of The Dark Knight slot. In recent years, slots like the one based on Justice League and on box office hits like the 2011 remake of Planet of the Apes have amassed a cult following. For other gamers, slots based on classic movies like Gladiator or Rocky are more popular. Really, if a film has a following, its slot companion is likely to gain support, too.

Whatever the source material, online slot games based on movies all share one thing: the excitement that players get from immersing themselves in gameplay that features their favorite movie characters.

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