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If you are big on movies, then you probably have a list of movie items you want to have for yourself. This is common among movie fans especially if the particular prop has become very popular and iconic. It becomes iconic if it has become the symbol and face of the movie and could easily be identified with the movie characters. Here are some of the most memorable movie props you’ll want to get your hands on…

The Ring from Lord of the Rings

You will never forget this after you have spent more than 9 hours of screen time watching the movie, the Lord of the Rings has left fans wanting to have a ring similar to the one used in the three films. This is one of the most iconic rings of all time, the one where its characters have spent years of journey, adventure, and action to be able to deliver to the gates of Mordor. Although the ability to reveal a secret passage by fire is fictional, many people have commissioned a golden ring as their accessory and even as an engagement ring.

Luke’s Lightsaber from Star Wars

You would often see children use sticks as their makeshift lightsabers when they play with other kids. People grew up watching these flashy swords on their screens and it has become very influential to children and adults alike. 

Red Shoes of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

If you have seen The Wizard of Oz, the shiny red shoes of Dorothy must have caught your eye. The original shoes of Judy Garland have gone to museums and auctions cashing in a large amount of money. It has become very iconic that if you ever want to be Dorothy for any costume party, you’d have to come in something similar. It might be difficult to get your hands on the original pair but you could always DIY one to achieve the complete look. Bedazzled shoes are easy to achieve if you can get your hands on red gems in shops that offer crystals for sale. This is a practical way of achieving the look of an iconic character from one of the most memorable films of all time. 

The Flying Snitch from Harry Potter

If you are a part of the generation who grew up with Harry Potter and his adventures spanning eight movies, then there would be plenty of props you’d want to get our hands on. Included in this list is the popular flying snitch because of the clever and important role that it portrayed in the life of Harry and his friends. 

Movies have their way of influencing people and their lives and this can be seen on how much people want to keep something from them as part of their collection. Movie memorabilia have raked a lot of money from fans who are eager to acquire them. If you truly are a huge fan of these films, you must be swimming in nostalgic bliss right now. Hold that feeling and satisfy that urge to get your dream prop!

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