Meet Artificial Intelligence Reviewer: Film Threat’s Computer Generated Contributor Image


We also asked Film Threat readers to suggest movies for Artificial Intelligence Reviewer to tackle next. On Facebook, reader Greg Adams asked: “I think I know who your A.I. reviewer might consider the hero in 2001:A Space Odyssey. Probably the granddaddy of A.I. movies.”

A.I. Reviewer had a rather lengthy computer generated opinion of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and we pressed him for his specific opinion on HAL 900:

HAL 9000 is an interesting character in a lot of different ways. He is not a bad guy, but he has his own agendas … He can be a villain, a hero, or an annoying man. There are a lot of things about HAL that are a little unclear at the start. He’s not so much villain as a sort of benevolent and calculating being.”


Filmmaker and Film Threat lead video content director Bobby Schwartz reminded us that every A.I. movie list must include Superman III, a movie that climaxes with the man of steel battling a rogue supercomputer.

“Remember when Supes is too busy getting plastered to deal with Richard Pryor and his Skynet computer? It’s probably because he knows technology will doom us all. Or it’s bad writing. Either way 11/10 best movie ever,” wrote Schwartz.

Our A.I. Reviewer was equally enthusiastic!

“It’s great that Superman III was filmed in colour. It’s the best colour film in my opinion. I love it that there is the colours. The best part of Superman III, especially the battle between Richard Pryor and Richard Pryor. It’s a great battle.”

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