Looking Back at the History of the Cannes Film Festival Image

Looking Back at the History of the Cannes Film Festival

By Film Threat Staff | January 31, 2021

Founded back in September 1946, the Cannes Film Festival is regarded as the world’s most prestigious movie event. For 75 years, it’s provided an opportunity for creators to exchange ideas with like-minded people and be rewarded for their contributions to the industry. Interestingly, it took eight years before the event came to fruition, with its origins dating back to 1938. Since then, however, it’s established itself as a cultural phenomenon. So, let’s analyze its significance to filmmakers and consider its influence on the entertainment sector.   

A Culturally Significant Event for Independent Filmmakers

Currently, the world of film festivals consists of three big players: Berlin, Cannes, and Venice. Of those, few can argue that the French-based event isn’t the most important. Although the grand occasion has long attracted world-renowned stars, such as Nicole Kidman, the Cannes Festival differs from all others. Instead of focusing on the celebrities, the stars of the event are the films themselves. 

As such, this is why the 75-year-old occurrence is of such significance to independent filmmakers. At the prestigious event, the festival’s overarching mission is to enhance awareness and “raise the profile” of films while improving global cinema.


Over the years, this desire to unearth hidden cinematic gems has seen numerous notable titles flourish following their debuts. Most recently, You Were Never Really Here was one of the best productions to feature at the Cannes Film Festival. After a standing ovation in 2017, the Lynne Ramsay creation won the Best Screen Play at the French festival, while Joaquin Phoenix clinched the Best Actor accolade for his role in the title. Furthermore, the 1974 film, The Conversation, has also enjoyed success following its debut in Cannes, including receiving numerous nominations at the 1975 Golden Globes.

Highlighting the Importance of Gatekeepers in the Entertainment Industry

For all of its historical significance, the Cannes Film Festival now acts as a gatekeeper in the entertainment industry. Given that the event has long enhanced the reputations of many well-known actors, directors, and films, it subsequently sets the benchmark for the next generation of breakthrough prospects. Because of this, it acts as a constructive way to curate up-and-coming filmmakers, as it did with Martin Scorsese back in 1986. In turn, this approach has influenced the outlook of various entertainment streams.

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Inspiring Creative Minds and Various Industries

Ultimately, the Cannes Film Festival has long shown the importance of gatekeepers to the entertainment industry. Although success at the event doesn’t ensure long-term critical or commercial success, it does somewhat guarantee that only the most exceptional performances and productions receive worthy recognition. Now, diverse entertainment streams adopt the approach, which positively impacts the quality of content making it to the mainstream. 

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