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How To Promote Your Own Short Film

By Film Threat Staff | March 3, 2022

Making a short film is a great way for aspiring filmmakers to gain experience in the huge film industry. But your film will become available to a wide audience only after its thoughtful promotion. Here are some ways to promote your short film. So, let’s begin.

Social media

At the moment, social networks are the main trend in the field of promotion. Create a page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and keep it updated with facts, announcements, countdowns and more. You can also captivate your audience with interesting contests or games that they are more likely to recommend to others. Thanks to social networks, you can connect with people more closely.

At first, it will most likely be difficult because you will have to work with a small audience. If you can’t get enough viewers in a short time, then we recommend you buy Instagram followers, as this will help you monetize your activities faster.

Create a website

Yes, in today’s world, even movies should have their own website. So why not create one for yourself? In addition to being a powerful promotion tool, the site is also the main place where people can register, find out the latest news about your film, subscribe or even buy tickets to watch your film.

If you are promoting your movie, then most likely you have no idea how to create a website for it. It is at such moments that you can seek help from novice marketers who can help you even for free to replenish your portfolio with your case.

This method will not take money from you, unlike the previous one. Therefore, if you decide to buy real Instagram followers to promote your account,  then you can use free methods to work with the website. You can also plan to buy Facebook likes to grow on this platform.

Email addresses and press releases

If you’ve created a website for your movie, make sure you have the email addresses of all visitors to your site. You can collect them all using the RSS feed. Thanks to this simple action, you will be able to determine the target audience of the site according to criteria such as socio-demographic, national or state. This will improve your film promotion strategy, which may be useful in future marketing programs.

Another attractive tool that will help get even more people interested is a press release. But its title should be alluring and intriguing.

Intriguing trailer

After you’ve got the audience’s attention on your film with a short preview, rekindle the audience’s interest with an exciting trailer. This is a great way to hook an audience without having to show all the cards. But do not show the viewer too much: the trailer should not fully reveal the plot of the film. Also, make sure that after watching the trailer, viewers will see a link to your site with a call to action.

Film festivals

Many festivals are constantly taking place in different parts of the world, and you should try to get to one of them. This is a great opportunity to promote your film without the huge financial cost of acquiring screening rights. When you apply for participation in the festival, first find out which of the most significant and influential film critics, bloggers or media people will attend it. If you manage to get in touch with them, send them a press release or a virtual copy of your film, or link to your website, so they can learn more about your film. 

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