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How Popular TV Mixes With Other Industries

By Film Threat Staff | September 20, 2021

It’s not strange to see random merchandise relating to some of our favorite shows, movies, or even content creators make its way to us, but sometimes we seem to find it in the most unexpected places. Media is a massive part of today’s pop culture, and it’s easy to see how a lot of what we watch on our TV screens tends to transcend into different industries. From overproduced action movies to the superhero trend currently sweeping the world, here are some of the places we can find our favorite TV and movie characters represent.


Many people are clueless that the gambling industry takes a ton of inspiration from pop culture. From games inspired by popular sitcoms such as Friends to themed events relating to box-office hits, casinos know how to get our attention through the things we love. With online casinos slowly taking over as the go-to niche for many gamers, we can see even more examples of this. Going for TV-themed promos is a great way to find a casino bonus worth your time these days! The rules attached to them are often more relaxed, and they don’t shy away from hefty prizes!


Contrary to popular opinion, people still read books. It seems that reading is becoming more and more popular by the day even. If you’re ever angry about a show ending too soon, don’t despair. The chances of a book continuation existing out there are very high! A ton of hit shows and movies have book adaptions made from the stories and characters, and truthfully, a lot of them end up being better than the shows themselves! If you doubt this, do a quick internet search on a show you like. You might be surprised by the results!


You read that right. It seems that just like us, fashion designers love watching some excellent quality TV. Not only that, but big retailers also rely on popular TV and movies to influence the mass-produced clothing they provide. Of course, this might not come as too much of a surprise as it’s well-known that fashion is heavily influenced by pop culture. What might come as a surprise is how often extravagant high-fashion runway pieces make nods to very popular TV and movie characters. All of this is without even mentioning printed tees, those alone are worth a whole new category.


Have you ever heard a song and couldn’t help but be reminded of a particular film character that it would represent perfectly? Well, chances are it does! A large number of the world’s biggest pop stars have written scores for upcoming movies and TV series, as a way to promote them. Naturally, this is nothing new. Music and television have intertwined since movies got sound, so this doesn’t shock us. Songs for movies aren’t exclusive to pop stars though, some legendary bands like Simple Minds, Survivor, and even Metallica have been featured in iconic movies throughout the years.

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