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By Mark Bell | August 21, 2007

“Mumblecore” filmmaker Joe Swanberg’s feature film “Hannah Takes the Stairs” steps out of the festival circuit and into the theaters this week, and Film Threat takes a look at some related video goodness…

“Hannah Takes the Stairs” Trailer
Hannah’s got a hold of everyone’s heart, but does she know what to do with them? What to do with herself? What the Hell is “mumblecore”? Okay, so the last question doesn’t actually apply to the film’s plot…

2007 SXSW Film Festival Trailers
The 2007 SXSW Film Festival enlisted the crew behind “Hannah Takes the Stairs” to put together a series of pre-screening trailers for the festival. Arguably the highlight of the festival, Swanberg and company delivered a number of hilarious “behind-the-scenes” takes from a fictional production entitled “Summer’s Winter.” Thanks to the internet and SXSW, we present said brilliant trailers:

Who’s This Guy?
The job of a sound man is a delicate one, and no one is more indelicate than this poor gentleman…

Kent’s “Situation”
Sometimes a man’s penis just will not cooperate…

Duplass Takes the Call
There’s a reason why most people turn off their cell phones when they’re on set…

You don’t have to read every note you’re passed out loud…

Confusion on Set
Stand around? Talk? Stand around and talk? Will Todd cooperate?

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