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By Mark Bell | August 19, 2008

I get asked all the time, “how do you get your film reviewed on Film Threat?” Considering how many film submissions we get per week, I’m always surprised that people still don’t know the process. So I’m going to explain it here, as well as update those already familiar with the process about a new step.

Film Threat has been reviewing films for 23 years, and we plan on continuing to do so. With over 11,000 reviews since the inception of the website alone, our policy has always been “you send it in, we’ll review it.” Pretty simple, right? That’s not going to change, but we do need to modify how films are sent to us.

In the past, folks have just sent their films to the Film Threat headquarters, with no real guidelines. Some come in perfectly packaged DVDs accompanied by pretty press kits. Others arrive unlabeled. This lack of submission consistency can cause problems, especially when the volume of film submissions per week is as high as it is.

So, we’ve come up with a solution. From now on, films submitted to Film Threat must first be entered into our Film Submissions Form, and then each submission must be accompanied by a printout of the completed form. This allows us to track not only what films are coming, but what films we should have in the queue and enable us to speed up the reviewing process.

Additionally, by filling out the form, filmmakers can save on the cost of expensive packaging and press kits, because all the important info we need to do our jobs should be entered before you submit. This cuts down on postal costs too, as now you just need to send your screener copy in with a piece of paper.

The best part? Each submitted film will have an id number that we, and you, can use to track the status of reviews. No more wondering if your film is in the queue. If you sent it in, and you’ve got an id, then it’s in the queue. We’re also currently working on a system that will allow you to search the review queue yourself, to find out whether your film is in the office, in a reviewers’ hands or scheduled to be published.

Now what happens if you don’t use the new submission system? Will we not review your film? No, we’ll review your film but those who use the system will have priority. If you don’t have a submission id, you’re at the back of the line; the bottom of the pile. So, it’s your call, but taking the time to fill out the submission form will reap great benefits for you and your film.

Oh, and on a related note, in case you haven’t seen it yet, we’re also looking for some new writers here at Film Threat. If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of our crew, now is the time to throw your hat into the ring.

Now get back to making movies so we can get back to reviewing them!

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