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Gambling Movies that Everyone Should Watch 

By Film Threat Staff | September 24, 2021

Gambling movies have a way of really bringing to life the glamour that casinos often get associated with, and it is something that many people base their opinion of casinos on. For example, a poker table will always be surrounded by lavishly rich players, right? Well at least, that is what Casino Royale, James Bond seems to show. However, the point is, whether you have only watched one casino movie, or none at all, they really keep the casino art alive, and bring excitement to all budding gamblers, to pursue and check out the art of gambling for themselves. Movies are responsible for building that enthusiasm, and while some storylines are not always so realistic, they have that extra attention and entertainment that we all look forward to watching.

If your initial instinct is to go forward and watch every movie we are about to list down below, you will most certainly get inspired to start gambling too. Therefore, make sure to discover the secret slot tips, to help your aspiring journey.

Casino Royale 

Of course, we would include this movie within the list, as it is a classic and really reaffirms how eloquent casinos and gambling can be at times. Talk about the beautiful dresses that Vesper wears, alongside the black tie only dress code, in the Montecarlo casino, is everything we were talking about when it comes to gambling glamour. 

The movie itself introduces the poker variant Texas Hold’em, which of course is super popular within land based casinos and of course online casinos. The game played within the movie sees an astonishingly high pot of $115 million, which was going to be used to fund terrorism across the globe. This undoubtedly is what James Bond and the MI5 have stood against for years, so we see James himself (being quite the nifty poker player), battle it out with his poker face, in getting that money back from the terrorist organisation that is represented by Le Chiffre. The scenes are filled with action, and it is safe to say that it is super typical of any Bond movie. It is one of those that you will gladly re-watch any day of the week.

Ocean’s Eleven

What is better than a movie that brings some of the finest actors within all of Hollywood? Nothing much can really be opposed, with an answer here, can it? Well this title is pretty spectacular for casino gambling movies, as it involves being on the opposite side of the law- a coup of a significant amount of money. 

Here we see Danny Ocean (played by George Clooney), recruiting his gang with hopes of pulling off the biggest heist in all of Vegas history. While there is a sequel, where the gang happen to be on the run from the casino owner that they stole from, the storyline of the first instalment is exciting and oozing with sex appeal and charisma from all the characters. Having made a huge box office total of $1.4 billion, this movie is the perfect example of American glamour and the appeal of the world-renowned Sin City.


This is a movie that is actually based on a true story, believe it or not. It covers the tale of 6 students from MIT who happened to go to Vegas every single weekend, having made a beautiful scheme of counting cards. Of course, you probably are aware that this is not entirely a legal thing to do, and casinos have so many technologies and methods to bring such activities to light. Nevertheless, the MIT students managed to create such wild successes from their devious strategy. 

There is that little extra touch of drama and betrayal to make the movie extra interesting, however it is a shame that online casinos card counting is not possible, due to the random number generator. One can only dream!

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  1. Ronald Miller says:

    No list that excludes Croupier (Clive Owen), The Cinncinati Kid(Steve McQueen), or California Split(George Segal) is complete.

  2. Gambling Movies that Everyone Should Watch – says:

    […] Many Thanks To The following Website For This Valuable Content. Gambling Movies that Everyone Should Watch […]

  3. Gambling Movies that Everyone Should Watch – says:

    […] Many Thanks To The following Website For This Valuable Content. Gambling Movies that Everyone Should Watch […]

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    • Jenna Tatum says:

      Thanks for the review. Ocean’s Friends is my favorite movie! I’ve seen it a hundred times. I advise anyone who hasn’t seen it yet for some reason. And if you like not only to watch, but also to gamble – the main thing is to choose a reliable provider and method of deposit and withdrawal. More details on the website. Thanks again for the interesting article!

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