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There are many industries that have changed over the years due to technology and one of those is the casino industry. Gone are the days of packed casino halls around the world, these are still there, but many players choose to play online rather than go for a night out. It’s good that thanks to technological progress in India we can have a good time in excellent online casinos such as Bons online casino.

Playing games on this internet is beginning to take over the casino industry, with online casinos in India proving to be popular with players because of the convenient gaming they offer. Some players will not have experienced a casino hall, and if you want to get a feel for them then you can do that by watching a film.

If you are a film fan and intrigued by what casino gaming used to look like, here are five films that show old fashioned casino gaming.


As the name suggests, this is based around the popular game of blackjack. It follows a group looking to win big and carry out a heist using a card counting technique. There are many people out there who aren’t convinced this kind of thing used to happen in casinos, but this is all based around a true story, which made it popular with reviewers, showing what kind of tricks the casinos used to have to deal with.

The Gambler

This film follows a regular university professor who gets into debt and tries to solve it through gambling. He finds himself in some very high-staking games, and while this isn’t set inside a casino specifically, the film shows what happened to some people who were into gambling. The film does dramatize things but shows how easy it is for the games to increase in stake and to suddenly turn into pots where everything is on the line.

Mississippi Grind

If you want a light-hearted look at casino gaming then this is the film for you, with a fun story running throughout. The film follows two characters who go on a road trip, so rather than playing in just one casino, they head out and try their luck in many different ones. The end goal is New Orleans, and a big money game that has the potential to change their lives if they can pull off the win.


If you are interested in seeing how a casino works from the opposite side, looking from the perspective of the owners, then this is a great film to look at. They work hard to prevent crime from taking place, which takes up a lot of this film, but you also get to see the habits and traits of the big high-rollers who are on the film, showing what they get up to.


This is another true story, based on the life of Bugsy Siegel. He was a gangster, but also big on the gambling scene, with many betting parlours and other establishments to his name. His dream is to get to Vegas, where he wants to own a casino and hotel and as well as following his life, it also shows you the work put in behind the scenes to get a casino off the ground.

If you want to know what traditional casino gaming was like, these films are a great place to start.

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