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CBD Capsules for Sleep vs. Traditional Sleep Medications

By Film Threat Staff | February 8, 2024

Is CBD for sleep the game-changer that society desperately needs? It may seem like a major leap, but when you view the problems that people are having in getting to sleep and staying asleep for more than a couple of hours, it starts to become less far-fetched.

What’s rather funny is that when someone says they “slept like a baby,” they’re trying to say they had a good night’s sleep. Such individuals have clearly never had an infant in their house! Babies wake up constantly during the night in need of diaper changes, food, and cuddles. So, the next time someone throws out that old trope, tease them by inferring they wet the bed several times and woke up crying for their momma.

In any case, I will explore how CBD for sleep compares to ‘conventional’ sleep drugs in this article.

How Does CBD for Sleep Work?

There is an often-cited study that outlines the efficacy of CBD for sleep. In it, over 70 people completed a clinical study that sought to analyze the effectiveness of cannabidiol for anxiety and sleep. In the end, around two-thirds of patients reported improved sleep scores after one month of consuming CBD. Granted, the scores fluctuated over time, but there is more than enough evidence that suggests the non-intoxicating cannabinoid could help people struggling with sleep.

CBD for sleep could work due to the cannabinoid’s impact on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system plays a huge role in many physiological processes, such as stress, mood, and sleep. CBD seems to indirectly impact receptors in the ECS, leading to a state of balance. If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping, you might find that cannabidiol reduces the anxiety and stress that are preventing you from falling asleep. 

It is also worth noting that CBD is extremely likely to be non-addictive. As such, you don’t have to worry about “being hooked” on it, nor is there any chance of feeling high as long as you buy CBD oil for sleep from a reputable source. 

What About Traditional Sleep Medications?

A lot of people struggle to get to sleep and stay there, so there are plenty of legal medication options. The most popular include melatonin agonists and benzodiazepines. These drugs usually work by targeting the central nervous system, leading to drowsiness and relaxation. 

The problem with drugs such as “benzos” is the astonishingly long list of potential adverse effects. These include confusion, drowsiness, blurred vision, slurred speech, and constipation. So, you may find that the pills help you get to sleep for a while. However, you also have stomach pains because you’re no longer ‘regular’ on the toilet. Also, you wake up not knowing what day of the week it is for a minute or two in the morning, and you sound like you’ve had about seven alcoholic beverages when you try to speak. 

By the way, the above side effects are only the tip of the iceberg. It is entirely possible that the benzos don’t work and actually have the opposite effect of what you intend. This means you feel depressed, lose inhibitions, have nightmares, and even have a personality change. You could have suicidal thoughts, explode in rage for no apparent reason, and experience hallucinations. 

You should have NONE of these issues when you use a high-quality cannabidiol product. A prime example is the CBD oil with melatonin sold by PureKana. The 1500mg bottle contains 50mg of CBD per ml, along with 1mg of melatonin per serving and 5.5mg of proprietary calm terpenes per ml. Given that so many melatonin drugs contain far too much of the hormone, it’s refreshing to see a brand try to get it right.

Consider CBD for Sleep & Avoid Confusion and Addiction!

The list of side effects caused by traditional sleep drugs such as benzos should serve as a major warning. Rather than potentially inflict major damage onto your body and mind, try a more natural alternative. Research into the benefits of CBD for sleep is growing. 

Buy CBD oil from a reputable brand with third-party lab reports, and you should have no fears about the cannabinoid causing major adverse effects. That being said, when using cannabidiol, it’s always wise to start with a small amount at first to see how it affects you. There’s always the option to gradually increase or decrease the amount you take if need be. 

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