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Best Movies About Gambling

By Film Threat Staff | May 14, 2024

The theme of gambling appears in almost every second Hollywood film. The director can add these plots as secondary or build around the casino the whole line of the script. Films of this format have interesting characters, and intricate plots, and sometimes include detailed biographies of representatives of the gambling industry.

By the way, any new Aussie online casino has a selection of unique slot machines. Slots tell about popular motion pictures or are built around famous Hollywood characters and actors.

The Big Game, 2017

The film is a biography of one of the most famous women in the world of poker. Molly Bloom does not see her life without sport, but at a certain point, she is forced to leave her profession. In order not to be left without sustenance, Molly goes to Los Angeles in search of a better life.

Quite by chance, Bloom stumbles upon an advert with a vacancy in an illegal casino. From this moment begins a new chapter in Molly’s story. Intellectual savvy helps Bloom not only to play poker skilfully. Soon the former sportswoman organises a closed private gambling club, whose clients become stars of politics and show business from different parts of the country.

Twenty-One, 2008

People often come to casinos looking for quick and big money. This film confirms this trend. And this time the client of the gambling club is not a slacker from the street, but a promising scientist.

Ben Campbell easily enters Harvard and shows outstanding results in mathematics. However, to study in an elite institution you have to pay a lot of money. To continue his studies, Campbell needs to find at least $300,000.

Professor Mickey Ross notices the young mathematician’s abilities and decides to help him. Ross offers Ben to join a secret team, which is engaged in the fact that beats the local casinos. The professor himself cannot get into any gambling club. The name of the scientist is in the rumour because in his youth he beat almost all local gambling halls in blackjack.

This story has a real basis. A group of students from the Massachusetts University of Technology made a tour of famous casinos. The mathematicians managed to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to a unique blackjack card counting system.

Va Bank, 2013

This is one of the first films that raises the topic of online casinos. The story is about a student Richie Furst. A young guy studies at a prestigious university, and in his spare time, he plays poker and attracts new customers to online casinos. The game is successful because Richie’s father is a former professional player who won few awards.

At a certain point, First decides that with gambling is time to quit. On his last game he bets everything he has, not doubting his victory. However, this time Fortune turns away from Richie. The protagonist loses all his savings. 

Richie believes that he is the victim of an online cheat. To find out whether this is true or not, Furst goes to Costa Rica. He wants to find the owner of the online casino and return the lost money.

The plots of casino films are built around ups and downs, losses and wins. There are no universal strategies that would help players to earn regularly. Everything depends on luck, and any attempts to cheat the system lead to failure.

However, there are in the gambling industry really lucky people who by chance became millionaires. True, the weak point of any gambler is a thirst for profit. Many gamblers who became millionaires overnight, lost their wealth in a day because of the desire to win more.


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