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Batman VS the Joker

By Film Threat Staff | September 28, 2019

The fact that neither of these two are exactly what they seem makes for scintillating viewing. It also makes for dynamic dialogue between them, in fact; sometimes their conversations are more thrilling than the action sequences that tend to follow. The audience is flipped from one point of view to the other and is able to see and sometimes agree with both sides. How often does it happen in a superhero saga that you’re not sure who’s actually right and who might be wrong? It is this blurring of the lines that draws us in and keeps us on our toes. And the best part is that even when Batman wins, he doesn’t really win. The Joker always finds his way back. Interestingly, they are both motivated by the same force; revenge.

On Big Screen and Small Screen

We’ve seen these formidable foes in comic books, TV shows and movies. But one entertainment genre that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves in the Batman vs. Joker feud is gaming. Batman and the Joker make for excellent video game protagonists. Depending on your mood or persuasion –and the game that you’re playing – you can take on the role of either Batman or the Joker. The LEGO series of video games allows you to take on the persona of the Joker, but in the Batman: Arkham series, you’ll take on the role of Batman and the Clown Prince of Crime turns against you. The Joker is on particularly dastardly form in the Injustice games, and you can choose whether to be him or go up against him.

If you feel like challenging Lady Luck, you’ll also find Batman and the Joker in The Dark Knight Slot game. This game features Christian Bale’s brooding Batman and Heath Ledger’s (whose dedication to the role has been immortalized in his Joker Journal) twisted Joker as symbols, as well as various other characters from the film. The jackpot is progressive and there are 243 ways to win. The best way to get to grips with this game is to find a casino that offers free spins. Free spins with no deposit allow you to figure out how the game works without spending any money but also offer you the chance to win! The game itself offers a free spins feature – all you need to do is land three scatters and you could win up to 15 spins. Read more about where to find free spins and how to utilize them here.

The Men behind the Masks

Since The Dark Knight trilogy, we’ve seen Ben Affleck’s Batman go up against Superman and Jared Leto’s Joker roll with the Suicide Squad. While entertaining, these two versions added little to the depth of our favorite foes and we didn’t get to see them face-off against each other anew. Joaquin Phoenix’s masterful portrayal of the Joker, on the other hand, opened a window on the Joker’s soul. Now more than ever, we are better able to understand the man behind the monster and empathize with him on a deeper level. We are waiting with bated breath for Robert Pattison’s Batman, and word on the street is that his character will expose the more conflicted aspects of Batman’s personality – bringing forth the antihero in ways that haven’t been fully explored. If these two should come together, the showdown could be truly legendary. The future, however, is uncertain.

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