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We’re thrilled to bring a wealth of talent and beloved indie veterans centerstage to honor the true indies & righting Oscar snubs with their new award show – Award This! Live from Los Angeles on Wednesday, February 5th at the Studio Movie Grill in Glendale, CA. Award This! “voice of God” aka show announcer is none other than epic voice guy Jon Bailey (“Transformers: Combiner Wars”), the vocal powerhouse who brought Optimus Prime to life, and will feature the creative forces of independent cinema both in front of and behind the camera with inventive new categories: Biggest Oscar Snub & Movie Critic Worthy of Your Attention categories will be presented by comedian Esther Ku (“Girl Code,” “Last comic Standing”) & entertainment journalist Erick Weber, editor of The Awards Ace; Short Film & Sports Documentary categories will be presented by filmmaker, film festival programmer & the visionary behind the Hollywood Shorts Film Festival Kimberly Browning (“All Hallows Eve 2,” “The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty”) & comedian Bil Dwyer (“Hot in Cleveland,” “The Larry Sanders Show”); Socially Relevant Documentary & Pop Culture Documentary categories will be presented by comedian‘s Matt Weinhold (“Trekkies,” “Beware the Batman”) & David Huntsberger, (“Bill Nye Saves the World,” and host of the “Space Cave” podcast); Indie Sci-Fi & Indie Horror categories will be presented by actors & comedian‘s Michael Cornacchia (“Hannah Montana: The Movie,” “Happy Feet”) & Kevin Avery (“Comedy Central,” “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”); Indie Comedy & Indie LGBTQ+ Themed Film categories will be presented by director James Kerwin (one of the founders of “Star Trek Continues” “When the Train Stops”) & comedian Ron Placone, co-host of “The Jimmy Dore Show”; Indie Action/Thriller, WTF Indie, Ensemble Cast & Clown Movie Award categories will be presented by comedian’s Laura House, “Where the Heart is,” and show runner for “Secret Life of Boys”) & Suzy Nakamura (“Avenue 5,” “Modern Family”); Film Threat Sucks Trailer will be presented by filmmakers Chris Mancini (one of the founders of “Comedy Film Nerds”), Chris Gore (Film Threat founder), Alan Ng, managing editor of Film Threat, and Dante James, Film Threat writer and pop culture critic; Director, Directress & Indie Movie of the Year will be presented by comedian Hal Sparks (“Queer as Folk,” “Dude, Where’s My Car?”) & director Angie Wang (“MDMA” and the upcoming “Shotgun Bride”).

Independent film champion, Film Threat, helmed by founder and filmmaker Chris Gore, is thrilled to bring a wealth of talent and beloved indie veterans centerstage to honor the true indies & righting Oscar snubs with their new award show – Award This!

Film Threats Award This! is an event with a clear mission — to champion independent films in a variety of categories in order to bring greater awareness to the growing number of exceptional independent films available on numerous platforms including VOD and streaming services. Recognizing these films during the height of award season with a ceremony hosted by actors, comedians and critics, and right afterwards to celebrate with a huge party. 

Film Threat is an independent movie review site, podcast and YouTube channel specializing in reviews, news, filmmaker interviews, festival coverage and DIY filmmaking tips. Founded by Chris Gore, Film Threat evolved from a fanzine to a successful, nationally distributed magazine in the 1990s that covered indie film icons at the birth of their careers. The Film Threat website is one of the leading independent film sites and Film Threat’s reviews are recognized by Rotten Tomatoes as part of the Tomatometer Score.

Award This! is composed of the staff of Film Threat’s editors and critics which number 30+ worldwide along with an advisory board of media figures and independent film luminaries. The winners are selected by the editors of Film Threat along with the advisory board. 

Here’s the full list of 2020 Award This! nominees. Check out the official Award This! site for more info including eligibility requirements and see the list of all the 2020 Award This! nominated films. And don’t forget to follow Award This! on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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