After Watching Clive Owen in Croupier, Would You Want to Be a Croupier? Image

After Watching Clive Owen in Croupier, Would You Want to Be a Croupier?

By Film Threat Staff | October 7, 2017

Despite the variety of entertainment options, people are still going to films. Watching movies allows us to learn valuable lessons as well as entrench our knowledge further. Sometimes, they can be sources of inspiration in our lives and can shape the way we live. One of the films that enable us to better understand what happens in our society is Croupier. This British movie was written by Paul Mayersberg and first released on April 21, 1998, but reviewed in 2004. 

Croupier was directed by Mike Hodges and stars Clive Owen, Kate Hardie, Gina McKee, Nicholas Ball, and Alex Kingston. Croupier is a mystery and thriller movie that deserves to be watched not only for its interesting topic but it also emphasizes a significant and worthy of attention in man’s life. Produced by Jonathan Cavendish and Christine Ruppert, this movie tells about an inspiring writer who has immersed himself in the gambling world.

Croupier is about Jack Manfred (played by Clive Owen), a talented writer desperate for money. As he always has a negative view of gambling, he ends his judgment and stars to work as a croupier. In fact, Jack thought that gamblers are born to lose and to meet against his opinion; he takes a job as a dealer. After accepting the job in the Golden Lion Casino, he writes a novel inspired by his new life and names the main character Jake. 

This protagonist is a croupier and a lucky gambler who is also emotionless sex addicted. Jack involuntarily has become the character of his book leading to a tension between him and his girlfriend Marion (played by Gina McKee). As a matter of fact, Marion discovers that he dates with a dealer called Bella (Kate Hardie) and she is really worried about their relationship’s future. Apart from Bella, Jack has also another girlfriend Jani (Alex Kingston), one of the gamblers in the casino. Jack is involved in the Golden Lion Casino robbery in order to help Jani who has a lot of debts. Nonetheless, Marion warns the police about the robbery in the casino as she hears the message and understands Jack’s plan. 

Their plan is not executed because the police arrive in time and Marion asks Jack to leave his job since it will destroy his life. Marion dies and despite Jack’s pain, he arrives to publish his book. The film concludes with Jack who receives a call from Jani informing him that she is going to marry Jack’s father. Jack chooses to stay at the casino and persuades that being a croupier is appropriate for his personality.

Is Croupier Worth Watching?

With too many movies that have been released, it can be hard to find films to watch. Before gambling themed movies were released, people had had a misconception that gambling was an activity that ruins people and only the rich can afford to practice it. Fortunately, with the rise in popularity of non-Gamstop live dealer casinos and films about gambling, people have totally changed their mindset towards this entertaining activity. 

Aside from the best content bundled with Croupier, this film dives the viewers into the world of gambling through Jack; a good dealer and gambler. In addition, although this crime and drama movie teaches people about the negative impact of gambling, the film also shows the glamorous life of gambling. Croupier deserves to be watched because not only is it an opportunity for people to acquire knowledge about gambling but it also tells them about the story of a talented writer. 

Due to a lot of struggles with his books, this novelist has to find another job and discovers the world of gambling. The new world enables him to get inspiration in his novel. Even though he reaches his dream, he has stuck in the gambling world and is convinced that this field makes him happier. Croupier is a timeless movie that comes with the best casino scenes allowing people to experience the casino mood without moving the comfort of their own homes.

Croupier is a 1998 movie that launched the actors’ career, especially for Clive Owen. For those who want to discover the world of gambling or the life of a professional croupier, they should watch this movie and “Cleaning Up” (British TV Show). According to the director Mike Hodge, Croupier has attracted a large audience because it shows a man who has two different behaviours; a talented writer and a good dealer. 

Nonetheless, his job as a croupier allows him to have a better life. After watching the film, everyone can understand the problems that they may experience when choosing to gamble. A good lesson is to acquire knowledge related to gambling before putting money into something that you are not familiar with. Thus, if you want to see the world of gambling and learn about an inspiring writer, the movie ‘Croupier’ is a good option for you.

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