From Concept to Creation –  The Making of ‘The First Supper’ with VFX Pick Studio Image

From Concept to Creation – The Making of ‘The First Supper’ with VFX Pick Studio

By Film Threat Staff | January 8, 2024

The First Supper Short film is Produced by VFX Pick Studio based in Chennai, India.

Its a post-apocalyptic saga set in the future with “The First Supper,” a gripping narrative where VFX serves as the backbone, elevating the storytelling to new heights. The visuals are dynamic, weaving an element of astonishment into the very fabric of the story.

VFX Pick orchestrating the entire production journey, from pre-production intricacies to the final post-production touches, with VFX serving as their paramount storytelling tool.

Based in Chennai, VFX Pick stands tall as a creative solutions company, boasting a talented team of 200+ individuals equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure and technology.

VFX Pick employs a distinctive methodology, incorporating a progressive approach to pre- production by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art AI-assisted tools into their existing VFX workflow.

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In this exclusive feature, we offer you an insider’s look into the evolution of “The First Supper.” VFX Pick pre-filming preparations, from concept art to VFX shoot plans.

Behind The Process : Visual Art Development

For Visual art Development we used AI assisted tool midjourney for Character Design , Vehicle Design, Costume design and Lighting.

VFX Shoot Plan / PreVisualization for Chroma

Before commencing Principal Photography, our VFX team, alongside the director, director of photography, stunt coordinator, and art director, meticulously prepared the pre- visualization (Pre-Viz) and VFX shoot plan.

This comprehensive plan served as the guiding “Bible” for the entire crew throughout the Principal Photography phase.

Principle Photography – BTS

Principal Photography was scheduled for three days: two days on an outdoor beach and one day inside a chroma sound stage.

The Red Dragon and Arri Alexa cameras have been utilized. DaVinci Resolve is being used for color grading.

In the VFX pipeline, VFX Pick employs Midjourney, Wonder Dynamics, Maya, Houdini, Nuke, and Unreal Engine.

Cast and Crew of ‘The First Supper’

The Cast and crew for The First Supper is a diversified team with talents from India ,UK and USA.

Director: Srinivas Kavinayam 
Creative Director: Pinto Sasikumar 

Music Composer: Ian A. Hughes 
VFX Supervisor: Prakash Kumararajan 
Director of Photography: Srinivas.s 
Sound Design: Brian Kelly 
Stunt Director: Miracle Michael
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