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8 Epic Sports Betting Movies

By Film Threat Staff | November 16, 2019

The list is endless when it comes to amazing sports betting movies. A good number of movies that were able to make this list are timeless. It’s not surprising that Hollywood is investing millions of dollars into producing sports betting movies.

People find them engaging and some of them can even relate to the stories. These movies are often filled with life lessons and they can help you hone your gambling skills. Check out the 8 epic sports betting movies.

The Gambler

This movie is about a University professor struggling with gambling problems. His mental condition deteriorated due to self-destructive habits. He kept borrowing money to satisfy his gambling desires.

The movie takes a closer look at the dark side of compulsive gambling as the protagonist engaged in different forms of gambling.

The Hustler

Online gambling was yet to surface when this movie was released. Fast Eddie Felson, played by Paul Newman gambled to the point that he ran out of luck and money when he played against a pro. He was later mentored by Bert Gordon.

The Hustler gives a glimpse into the early days of the US gambling world. The take-home message of the movie is that “character is far more important than talent.”

The Color of Money

People’s perception of sports betting has changed compared to the past two decades. More so, it’s easier to discover betting tips and tricks today. Many individuals assumed that it’s meant for social deviants.

The truth is that professional gamblers care about their image, morality, and prestige, so it’s not just about making a profit. The movie addressed bettors’ physiology and featured Paul Newman and Tom Cruise.


Casino gambling was managed by the mafia underboss in Las Vegas several years ago. Casino was released in 1995 and it’s arguably the number one gambling movie. The movie starred Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone.

It was directed by Martin Scorsese, based on a true story of Frank ‘Ace” Rothstein who is a top oddsmaker in the 1970s. Ace has sound organizational skills and made a massive profit.

Eight Men Out

This movie revolves around the 1919 World Series. During that time, eight White Sox players were banned from the MLB because they made a pact with an illegal betting ring. They ended up losing eight games. The movie focuses on the essence of integrity in the sports betting world.

The movie heaped more blame on the owner of White Sox than the players due to the unfair treatment meted to them. It shows that bookmakers who are not properly regulated can influence the outcome of the sporting event.

It’s been a century since the incident happened and the good thing is that the gambling industry has improved in different areas.

Lay The Favorite

Lay The Favorite delves deeper into the thrill of gambling. Beth has a talent for gambling and an interest in investigating legitimate gambling companies.

She later met Dirk who offered her a space in his sports betting shop and eventually turned out as a sharp.

Two For The Money

This movie is a partially true story of a professional sports handicapper who was once a college football star. He started at a telemarketing job until he was discovered by Walter Abrams for his skills in choosing winners.

It shines the spotlight on the business of sports betting, starring Al Pacino and Mattew McConaughey. The movie shows that casino players encounter highs and lows just like regular people.

Punters tend to draw inspiration from sports betting movies quotes. Here’s a favorite one from the movie, “the dice are dancing on the table. Between now and the time they stop, that’s the greatest time in the world.”

The Sting

In the movie, Paul Newman and Robert Redford were con men at different stages. It’s full of several twists and turns that will leave you at the edge of your seat. The duo worked with a crew to swindle a high-class criminal boss who is passionate about gambling.

The movie is regarded as one of the most successful con jobs in Hollywood history and garnered seven Academy Awards.

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