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You can bet on it! Looking for some words of wisdom for your next Vegas trip? Then check out these 5 amazing quotes from great gambling movies. Planning to visit Las Vegas and test your luck at its many casinos? There are over 300 casinos in the city and it’s likely you’ll find one that suits your taste.

Before getting your chips, you might want a few words of wisdom. Yes, these all come from iconic movies but there is truth hiding in these quotes. Gambling movies might have the best tips to follow and find success. Read on and find out more today.

1. Ace Rothstein (Played by Robert DeNiro) in “Casino”

“Nicky’s methods of betting weren’t scientific, but they worked. When he won, he collected. When he lost, he told the bookies to go f**k themselves. I mean, what were they going to do, muscle Nicky? Nicky was the muscle.”

2. Walter Abrams (Played by Al Pacino) in “Two for the Money”

“You know the best part of the best drug in the world isn’t the high. It’s the moment just before you take it. The dice are dancing on the table. Between now and the time they stop, that’s the greatest high in the world.”

3. Marty the Blackjack Dealer (Played by Wallace Shawn) in “Vegas Vacation”

“You don’t know when to quit, do ya Griswold?… Here’s an idea: Why don’t you give me half the money you were gonna bet, then we’ll go out back, I’ll kick you in the nuts, and we’ll call it a day!”

4. Gabriel Cane (Played by James Woods) in “Diggstown”

“Do you know the difference between a hustler and a good con man? … A hustler has to get out of town as quick as he can, but a good con man – he doesn’t have to leave until he wants to.”

5. Mike McDermott (Played by Matt Damon) in “Rounders”

“I’ve often seen these people, these squares at the table, short stack and long odds against them. All their outs gone. One last card in the deck that can help them. I used to wonder how they could let themselves get into such bad shape and how the hell they thought they could turn it around.”

Do You Feel Lucky? With all these quotes from gambling movies, it’s hard not to get inspired. The stories of turning things around with a single stroke of luck and ingenuity often makes gambling a great way to make it big.

If you’re interested in starting off, you can try some poker online by clicking the link. Playing online can prepare you for the real deal when you visit Las Vegas. There are lots of other memorable quotes from gambling movies. It’s especially prevalent in older classics since online gambling wasn’t invented then. Everyone is in their best poker face, attempting to outwit each other and get the jackpot for themselves. 

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