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5 Passports for Fictional Places

By Chris Gore | February 13, 2018

Some of our favorite pop culture stories are set within fantastic fictional worlds that feel, look and sound real. So real in fact, that we can easily imagine these fictional countries issuing passports to their citizens. But what would they look like?

We chose some of our favorite characters and issued them with their very own passports… because everyone deserves a holiday.

Kingdom Of The North (Game Of Thrones)

This sprawling country is home to the principled, loyal Northmen and the birthplace of Arya Stark. It seems like trouble finds her wherever she goes, but no one is more prepared to fight for her survival than she is.

Resourceful, quick on her feet and not one to do what society expects of her, Arya has certainly done her fair share of travelling. Keep your eye on her passport pic though; it might change before your eyes.

Tatooine (Star Wars)

Tatooine is not a place for the faint of heart–or the easily sunburned. Its two suns make it nearly impossible to live here, but there are a few brave inhabitants. One Tatooine farm-boy that has gone on to big things is Luke Skywalker.

After receiving his passport, he went onto become one of the greatest Jedi the galaxy has ever known and travelled to many planets far far away. What’s he up to now? You won’t have to wait long to find out.

Krypton (Superman)

 Krypton is home to a great civilization of advanced super-people and some of the most beautiful landscapes you could hope to see. Although their superhuman powers only work on other planets, Kryptonians are extremely intelligent and have advanced technology.

The Kryptonian we think most likely to save the world? Kal-El, of course. Now that he’s got his passport, we think this boy will be a frequent flyer.

The Shire (Lord Of The Rings)

The Shire is a beautiful, fertile land with many cozy villages and forests. It’s home to the Hobbits, who developed an extensive agricultural system that yields cereals, fruit, wood and pipe-tobacco. Our favorite hobbit is obviously Bilbo Baggins. Who else? He’s clever, compassionate, brave and humble.

Bilbo has done his fair share of exploring far away lands, even though he misses his home comforts like delicious cakes and scones. 

Panem (The Hunger Games)

 Panem is an autocratic, post-apocalyptic nation segmented into thirteen districts. District 12, a poor and sparsely populated coal-mining district, is home to Katniss Everdeen and her family.

Katniss is strong, independent and looks after those close to her. She can be a little awkward and sarcastic at times, but we love her anyway. We hope she uses this passport to explore the world beyond Panem.

Thanks to the folks at Budget Direct for sharing these with us. See the full set of passports at this link

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