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5 Misguided Movies for Independence Day

By Alan Ng | July 4, 2020

Happy Independence Day to our readers, no matter where you fall on the aisle. As serious as things are in the world right now, it might be a little fun to grab a few films that celebrate a special kind of freedom…the freedom to be whatever the hell you want to be and do what you want to do. These 5 specially curated films are available on streaming services and VOD and designed to take your mind off these crazy times we’re living in for maybe just a moment.

Spaceship Earth

To honor the human spirit and innovation, Spaceship Earth is an attempt by an intelligent hippie commune to build the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow in hopes of colonizing other planets. A plan so crazy, it just might work…really it could! Streaming on Hulu.

Shred America

In honor of the spirit of exploration, four teens embark on a cross-country journey on skateboards shredding their way through all fifty states…or just from Chicago to New York. Not to be thwarted by the heat, humidity, or the police—who won’t let them skate on the interstate—can these four survive this treacherous path like the pioneers of old? Shred America is available on Video on Demand.

Tingle Monster

Close your eyes and hear the murder of a social media influencer through the glorious sounds of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). Tingle Monster has everything you want in a social media murder, so like, comment, and subscribe your way to hell. Only in America.

Soul City

One of the foundations of this nation is the Freedom of Religion…yes, this applies to voodoo. The Big Easy is not quite that easy in this psychological horror/thriller as its citizens must find ways to survive their demented realities and push forward with their lives.  Soul City is available on the Topic online network.

Denise Ho: Becoming The Song

Ending on a serious note, Sue Williams’ documentary about China’s biggest Cantopop star mirrors the fight for freedom America experience over two-hundred years ago. The singer takes center-stage as the only voice the world will listen to as she fights for Hong Kong’s freedom against the tyrannical rule of mainland China. Who would have thought that her battle for acceptance as a lesbian role model would prepare her for a much bigger battle? Denise Ho: Becoming The Song is available now in virtual theaters.

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